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One Click to Download Online Videos to Android Phones

Sept 07, 2015 09:30 pm / Posted by Linda to Data Recovery Topic
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Why Do I Need a Video Downloader?

When browsing the Internet, it won't be surprised to find there are a lot of interesting videos on the Internet. For example, music videos of your favorite singers, some special home-made videos and etc. These videos are so interesting and enlightening that one-time watching is far from enough. You may want to download them to your mobile phones so that you can watch these videos whenever you want. But chances are that you may find that you have no access to downloading these videos. At this time, all you need is to find a reliable and powerful video downloader to help you, so that you can freely download any videos of different formats from any website to your mobile phones.

Which Downloader Should I Choose?

As to the best videos downloader, Vibosoft Video Downloader comes to my strongest recommendation for your reference. This downloader is characterized by the following features:

* This software enables you to download videos from almost all websites.

* The in-built high performance video decoder can ensure the image quality of downloaded videos.

* This software is able to automatically match the most suitable format for your downloading.

* It can simultaneously download many videos at one time.

* You can freely pause or continue the downloading task.


Generally speaking, this video downloader will bring you nothing but benefits and unimaginable convenience. The Windows version and Mac version are both available for your trying!

Video Downloader

Video Downloader program helps you download online videos, TV shows, movie, or other straming video files with one click.

How Can I Download Videos to Android Phones?

With videos downloader, it is just a piece of cake to download videos to your Android phones. The following part will offer you a full guide for relying on the Vibosoft Video Downloader to easily and quickly download videos to Android phones.

Step 1: Open the Program on the Computer

First, please open this software on the computer with double clicks, so as to make sure that this program will detect the videos that you want to download.

Step 2: Connect Your Phone to Computer via USB Cord

You need to connect your mobile phone to computer, so you can directly download the videos from the internet to your mobile phone. Or otherwise, you will need to download these videos to the computer and then transfer them form the computer to your mobile phone.

Step 3: Choose the Videos You like and Begin to Download

Now, just scan the website and select the videos that you want to grab from the internet to your mobile phone. Paste the video URL and choose the video quality in accordance with your needs. Then set your the disk of your mobile phone as the output folder. Finally click the "Download" button to start the downloading task. After that, just wait for the downloading process to complete.

Write in the End:

This passage will you how to download videos from Windows to android mobile phones. As to Mac version, you just need to follow the similar steps. This software can allow you to download videos from the website as you liked without any restrictions. Also, you can download online videos to computer first and save them as a backup, then use the Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager to export videos from your computer to your Android mobile phones.

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