Vibosoft FoneClean for iOS (Mac Version)

Deeply Scan & Clean Your iDevices' Memory with 1 Simple Click
iPhone, iPad or iPod may runs slowly and slowly due to lots of hidden files. And these files always occupy a large amount of your memory and you can't find & remove them by performing a simple "Delete" order on your device. Thus, you need a professional tool like Vibosoft FoneClean for iOS (Mac Version) to help you keep your iPhone, iPad or iPod clean all the time.

- Scan and delete data like junk files, caches, cookies, temp files, etc. on iDevices easily.
- Free up your iPhone, iPad or iPod space and speed up your device.
- Protect your personal data from leaking out.
- Compatible with all generations of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.10 Go to FoneClean for iOS Windows>>>

3.0.44 $59.95$35.95
  • Vibosoft FoneClean for iOS is a nice choice when you're planning to clear your own iDevice. I have used it to remove a large free space on my iPhone 6 Plus. Now I can sync my downloaded movies from the computer to my device for enjoying.

  • "At the beginning, I tried your program with lots of doubts. But the facts proved that your app have done a good job on my iPhone 5S. It is really easy to use and worth to own." -- By Lisa

  • "Well, well, well, well, well, well done! Only 1 click, all useless files have been found, and also 1 click, all these files have been removed permanently. Cool!" -- By Richard

Keep Your iDevices Clean & Runs Smoothly

As the ONLY one Mac-based cleaner software for iOS users, Vibosoft FoneClean for iOS (Mac Version) is designed to help users clean junk files or other unnecessary data from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in the super fast way. Since the program is integrated with the latest security technology, so it can greatly protect your personal information from leaking out during the whole cleaning process.
1-click to Delete or Clean Data on iDevices Efficiently
* The program can automatically detect & scan your connected iDevices and show the scanning results in the program. And then you can erase or clear them with one simple click..
Speed up Your iDevices completely
* You may know that your iPhone, iPad or iPod runs slowly due to the hidden data like junk files, temp files, caches, cookies , etc. on it, so this tool can help you speed up your device by cleaning these hidden data completely.

Free up Spaces & Protect Your Personal Data

Clean Your iDevice's Memory & Release More Free Space
* Even though files like cookies, crash files, log files, etc. on your iDevice can't be found by your eyes, but it is really saved on your device and occupy a large amount of storage space of your iDevice. So cleaning useless files on your device seems to be so important here. That's why Vibosoft FoneClean for iOS (Mac Version) can works as the best iDevice helper here.
Provide A Comprehensive Way to Protect Your Privacy Info
* Every time you use your iPhone, iPad or iPod, the device will generate lots of useless data like app cookies, creash files, junk files, temp files, etc. to record all activities that you have done with the device. So even though these data is useless for you, but no one can guarantee that it is not useful if these personal data fall into some people who have "Bad" ideas. So timely remove these data can greately protect your personal information from leaking out in any ways.

Deep-scan and Real-preview before the Clean

Scan & Find All Files on Your Device for Your Reference
* Quick clean mode here allows users to enjoy a quickly scanning process, so that you can highly improve your working efficiency and save your time. After the scan, the program will list the found data in categories for your reference. And you can select & clear them according to your own needs.
Real-preview Function let You Know the Whole Process in Details
* No matter the scanning or erasing process, you can use the real-preview function to know the details, including which files or how many files have been found, and something like that.

More Features

In addition to the features that we mentioned above, this iOS Cleaner program still have lots of other features as follows:
* Standalone program, that means you can operate the program on your Mac computer without any other 3rd-party applications.
* Compatible with all iOS devices on the market, including iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S/5C/5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad Air, the new iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch, iPod classic, etc.
* 100% risk-free program. So that you'll never worry about the program like virus attack.


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