Vibosoft FoneClean for iOS

Keep Your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Clean
The more time you use your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, the more junk files and caches generate on the iDevices. In a result, your iDevices won't function quickly and they may get stuck once in a while. Moreover, the devices will remind you that the storage is not enough so that you can't download more data like movies or music. At this moment, you need to turn to some clean software to clear the data on your iDevices in order to make them run like new. With Vibosoft FoneClean for iOS, you can clean your iDevices and optimize them comprehensively.

- Offer iOS users an efficient and risk-free iOS cleaning and optimization solution
- Clean and eliminate different types of junk files and caches
- Boost up the running speed and the performance of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
- Support versatile models of iPhone, iPad and iPod devices

Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

Version 2.2.3
  • This software is a powerful standalone third-party desktop application for all iOS devices including every model of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. With it, iOS users can clean up their iDevices and free up the storage of the devices. After cleaning the devices, your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will function faster than before.

  • "I have been using the program for some time, it's a very powerful automation software and even an SMS transmitter, friendly user-interface allows you to easily and precisely manage all the files." -- By Corey

  • "I'm totally satisfied that it does a great job for extracting text messages from my Samsung s4. Earlier, I have some important messages need to be printed, this app did! I would recommend it!" -- By Horace

Clean Junk Files on Your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Clean redundant iOS junk files:
* It can thoroughly scan the data on your iOS devices, find and remove hidden temp, cookie and cache files generated by inner calculations on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Clean private data:
* It can completely delete the SMS messages, iMessage, MMS, as well as the associated pictures, audios and videos that are associated with your private life to keep them from leaking.
Clean viewing history and network traces:
* It can clean up all your Internet browsing history and you can choose to delete particular network traces or wipe them all at once according to your need.

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Protect Your Personal Information

Remove the personal information on your iDevices
* With so many privacy leaking events happening on celebrities, people care about privacy much more than before. The FoneClean makes your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch a 100% secure device. By thoroughly scanning your devices, FoneClean shows the text messages, Internet history, Safari cookies, calling history, email caches and other personal information. You can remove the data from your device as you wish. Besides, FoneClean protects your personal information by locating and removing these useless data so that no discarded mail box or info would be left behind after you send numerous emails with your iDevice.

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Free Up and Speed Up Your iDevices

send messages

Free Up the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
* FoneClean empowers you to quickly detect and clean the temp, cache, cookie, off-line and many other types of junk files. What's more, it can make the scanning go deeper. For example, by exploring the download folder on your iPhone, it will erase the corrupt and forgotten files such as the interrupted apps, music and video downloads. This software can help you free up more space to download more apps, music, photos and movies when you find your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is running out of memory.
Speed Up the iDevices
* By freeing up the space, you can see that your iPhone responds faster than before. And FoneClean also allows an option to close all active apps with one click on the background. Thus, you can launch apps, play games, watch movies and do other things at faster speed.

Removable Files and Supported Devices

Removable Files
* With thorough and accurate scanning, FoneClean detects all the useless data of your iPhone and such as photo caches, email caches, download caches, SMS, iMessage and email caches and all types of non-associated media files. And all these files and be cleaned by the FoneClean for iOS software.
Supported Devices
* It's fully compatible with all the iOS devices including iPhone 6S/6S Plus/6 Plus/6/5S/5C/5/4S/4, iPad Pro/Air 2/Air, iPad Mini 3/2, iPad Mini, iPod touch, etc.

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