Vibosoft DR. Mobile for Android Mac

Strongest Data Recovery Tool for Android Phone Owners on Mac
Apart from mistaken deletion, many factors, like system crashes, flashing ROM and improper settings, etc., will lead to data loss from your Android smart phone. Without backups, you have to turn to recovery program to restore lost data on your Android phone. Here Vibosoft DR. Mobile for Android Mac is exactly the best choice to recover deleted files on your Mac computer in various situations.

- Easily recover lost Android data, including photos, videos, music, contacts, text messages, and so on.
- Arrange all deleted files into different folders according to the formats.
- Effectively restore the whole or part of lost data in batches.
- It is suitable to all Android phones, like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, etc.

Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.10 Go to DR. Mobile for Android Windows>>>

Version: 3.1.10 $69.95$49.95 main feature
  • As we all know that files on the Android mobile phone can be lost all of a sudden in many cases. If you haven't kept a backup files, you need to work recovery software to restore lost Android data. Now you can try this Vibosoft DR. Mobile for Android Mac, which is designed to help all Android phone owners restore deleted files on Mac without any quality loss. And it won't do any harm to your Android device or Mac computer, either.

  • "Very useful program to help recover lost contacts, messages and media files from Android mobile phone. It is my first choice when I need to restore lost files from my Samsung Galaxy S4." -- By Amber

  • "Thanks for helping me restore all lost photos and videos on my HTC phone. I highly recommend this program to all Android users. If you just lost data from Android phone, you can't miss it." -- By Derek

Restore the Entire Files on Android Mobile Phone

With this Vibosoft DR. Mobile for Android Mac, you can completely recover all lost data on your Android phone. Then you can totally get rid of suffering from losing vital data from Android mobile phone.
Recover Lost Messages & Contacts from Internal Memory or SIM Card
* After deeply scanning the SIM card or the internal memory of your Android phone, both lost and existing messages/contacts will be arranged on the menu. Thus, you can not only retrieve deleted SMS messages and contacts, but also save those existing ones to your Mac computer as a backup in case of losing them without warning. By the way, lost and existing files will be listed in different colors, so that you can distinguish them easily.
Regain Deleted Data to Mac OS X
* In addition to text messages and contacts, you can use this software to recover lost photos, videos, music and more files from Android smart phone as you need.

restore data on Mac

The Vibosoft DR. Mobile for Android Mac is pretty efficient. After selecting your wanted data, you can restore them to your Mac computer in batches.
Arrange All Deleted Files on the Menu with Details
* This software allows you to preview the whole lost files on your Android smart phone. If you operate it to recovery deleted photos from Android, then the entire pictures will be classified into different folders, like "jpg", "png", "gif", "bmp", etc. Now you can freely touch the options to view them. In addition, detailed info of your lost data will be displayed as well.
Get Lost Data Back to Android Phone in Whole or Part
* After previewing, you can mark your needed data to recover. With one click, you can restore the whole lost files to your Android phone without any loss. Meanwhile, you are able to enter the corresponding folders to mark and retrieve some files according to your own requirements.

Most Practical Android Data Recovery Tool for Mac Users

After losing files from your Android mobile phone due to various reasons, this Vibosoft DR. Mobile for Android Mac must be your best choice to recover them in a short time.
User-friendly Interface
* This software is indeed easy to use. After working it on your Mac computer, it will provide you several tips on the menu, so that you can act as them and get your Android device detected by this program smoothly. By the way, if you want to open it to recover lost contacts and messages, you should root your Android phone first.
Retrieve Deleted Files Under Various Circumstances
* When resetting your phone back to the factory default settings, making improper operations or flashing ROM, you are likely to losing data from your Android phone. Take it easy. Now with Vibosoft DR. Mobile for Android Mac, you can easily get them back without losing any detail.

Get More Features

This Vibosoft DR. Mobile for Android Mac will continue to be updated to help users recover lost data from their Android smart phone on the Mac computer.
* It can be compatible with all Android mobile phones, like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, HUAWEI, ZTE, etc.
* It supports all Mac versions: Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 or above.
* This software is 100% secure. It won't do any damage to your Android smart phone, lost data or the Mac computer. There is no adware, spyware or virus attached to it.


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