Vibosoft iPhone SMS+Contacts Recovery

Powerful Software to Recover Lost SMS+Contacts for iPhone
iPhone, characterized by its outstanding functions and beautiful looking, is widely used in the globe. With it, people can keep in touch with their friends and families via calls and messages. To most people, SMS and contacts stand for their connection with their beloved ones and their memories. But sometimes you just lose these precious memories for various reasons such as virus infection. Since SMS and contacts are stored in the SIM card or the internal memory, common software cannot access these data! Feel helpless? Don't worry! Vibosoft iPhone SMS+Contacts Recovery software comes to help you out!

1. Easy access to SIM card and internal memory.
2. Simple clicks to retrieve lost text messages and contacts.
3. Ability to preview and select SMS & contacts beforehand.
4. Compatibility with all modes of iPhone, like iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 and etc.

Supported OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and 2003 Go to iPhone SMS+Contacts Recovery Mac>>>

Version 3.0.30 $69.95$39.95
  • Life is like a box of chocolate, no one knows what he is gonna take next. And no one could predict when he may be stricken by an unexpected "chocolate", i.e. losing the precious contacts and messages stored in a database of SIM and phone's internal memory. When you suffer from this kind of accidents, don't hesitate to turn to Vibosoft iPhone SMS+Contacts Recovery.

  • "Thanks to this software, I found my iPhone contacts back. In fact I think that system upgrades failure led to my contacts loss and I tried many common data recovery program but no use! " -- By Martin

  • "In order to get my SMS messages back, I've tried lots of softwares and wasted much time. But it is this program who solves my problems. I have no difficulty in recovering my messages. Thanks! " -- By Nick

Recover iPhone SMS&Contacts in Various Situations

Even if you are fully aware of the functions of this software, you may ask when can I use this software to recover my lost messages and contacts. Many external and internal factors may result in the data loss of your iPhone. Here, I will list the most common situations.

Situation 1: Your device is suddenly broken or out of service.
Situation 2: Your iPhone system breaks down due to virus infection.
Situation 3: Mistakenly delete some messages or contacts .After flashing ROM.
Situation 4: Format SD card used in iPhone.
Situation 5: Accidental flash ROM or restore iPhone to factory settings.

In face of these accidents, don't panic! This software can help you retrieve all these lost data back within minutes. It's really a good assistant to help you in any situation.



Some reasons

Full Preparations for Successful SMS & Contacts Recovery

Successful SMS&Contacts cannot be achieved in one step. Complete preparations are quite necessary. Unlike Android phones, you don't have to root your iPhone first. This software will automatically detect your iPhone and scan your SMS and Contacts, which can not be accessed without a third-party software. Then you can preview these files before restoration and selectively recover the SMS&contacts. After all, not all lost data need to be restored!
Automatically Scan Lost Data and Show Them on Computer
* Once the program detect your iPhone successfully, it will scan the entire files stored in your iPhone. Later, the deleted SMS&contacts will be displayed on the computer. You can click the corresponding button to see more specific details.
Recover Needed SMS & Contacts as Wanted
* Maybe some SMS&and contacts are unnecessary to recover back, since you want to delete them but forgot to do so. Then this time, when you are previewing these files, you can select the useful messages&contacts that you want to save. And then just follow the steps shown on the interface. Then you can see your lost data within minutes.

Offer More than Simple Recovery

After successfully find back your lost data, you might feel relieved and think it is time to end the operation of this software. But hold on! Can you be sure that you won't lose these files once again due to various reasons? Or don't think it's pretty troublesome to open this software to recover your data whenever you lose these files again?
Therefore, after finishing data recovery, spend a few more minutes to export these files and other important files to computer as a backup. You don't have to bother to open another program. This program can help copy messages and contacts in HTML or CSV format. So even unluckily you lose your messages and contacts again. There is no need for you to be worried anymore, since you have saved all these data on computer already! Pretty cool, isn't it?

More Shining Points

This recovery program is effective and efficient, as is evidenced by the following features:
* Easy-to use. Lost files can be regained with simple clicks.
* Reliable. The operation of this software is absolutely safe, bringing back detailed information including date and address and etc.
* Functional and practical. When restoring your lost messages and contacts, detailed information such as date, time and address will also be recovered.
* Highly compatible. It is suitable to all modes of iPhone, like iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 and so on. This software is fully compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It is also suitable to all Windows systems: Windows 7/8/10.


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