Vibosoft Card Data Recovery for Mac

Deep Scanning and Robust Recovery Can Escort Your Lost Data
Has it ever occurred to you that you're unable to access memory card or getting errors? But in fact the data really exist in your card, or storage card was mistakenly formatted, damaged or broken which result in your valuable data to be lost, you feel quite helpless when it encounters. But fortunately, Vibosoft Mac Card Recovery program can make it possible to read the damaged data structure through unique deep scanning technology, then extract lost data structure info into normal sector and ready to recover them.

- Robustly recover lost Data from formatted, inaccessible and corrupted card.
- Recover more than 60+ file types: photos, videos, music, office documents, etc.
- Fully support all memory cards: SD Card, MicroSD, CF, MMC, XD Picture, etc.
- Allow users to real-time preview the found files and recover selectively.

Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.10 Go to Card Data Recovery for Windows>>>

Version: 2.1.18 $59.95$39.95 Card data recovery main feature
  • We understand your suffering, helplessness and anxiety when losing important data; However the performance of this program is well appraised by users all the time, no matter what happened to your memory card (damaged, inaccessible, broken or formatted), this program can perform a depth scanning, analyze and evaluates data logical structure and repair damaged partition table to a large extent, then recover lost data from memory card.

  • "I really appreciate the program since it completely restored my precious wedding picture from my corrupted SD card, I really like it, though the scanning speed is a little slow, but scanning is very thoroughly." -- By Johnson

  • "It really has done quite well in recovering my lost file; actually I was stupid and careless to format my memory card, all of my work-related files were gone, Thank you, my friend, you saved my life." -- By Jimmy

Restore Data from Inaccessible, Formatted and Corrupted Card

Incomplete statistics showing that there is variety of complicated factors may result your lost data to be lost, around 75% issues were caused by soft faults and 20% is misoperation.
Extract Lost Data from A Formatted Memory Cards on Mac OS
* Theoretically, formatting operation did not really delete data from the partition table; it only writes a special deletion label in the beginning of the sector in order to tell the system that it can write new data here, and the original data will be still stay there, This program can easily identify the lost data structure and restore them into normal sectors.
Retrieve Lost Data from Corrupted, Inaccessible Card on Mac OS
* To a large extent, it will be inaccessible once your memory card was affected by computer virus, or your storage card was corrupted or broken, the original data is still living there, Vibosoft Mac card data recovery program can maximally rebuild the data structure and recover.

restore data on Mac

Deep Scanning and Rebuild Data Structure to A Large Extent

This program has been successfully integrated three modes into one (deleted recovery, formatted recovery, raw recovery), which makes it possible to deeply scan the underlying data, then analyze and evaluates data logical structure.
Ability to Perform a Depth Scanning
* This Memory Card Recovery for Mac OS X program uses the lasted engine technology to scan the underlying data structure information and restore them into normal data sector, it can also scan original partitions even the partition table is damaged, and then recover data thoroughly.
Rebuild Corrupted Data Structure to A large Extent
* While the program scanning the each data sector and directory, meanwhile, it will automatically analyze and evaluates logical structure of the lost data, it can repair and rebuild the logical structure to be a larger extent if the original data has been damaged.

deeply scan and restore data

Recover More Than 60 File Types with Real-Time Preview

real-time preview

This program does a great job not only in data scanning, but also recovering ability is also very strong, in many experiments, if you deleted photos that have 13GB size, this program can completely scan out all the deleted photos within 25 minutes, and it will take only 10 minutes to entirely recover them to hard disk without any loss, "Preview" feature is also very practical.
Ability to Recover More Than 60 Files Types
* This system uses integrated scanning and recovery technology which can be able to completely and accurately recover as many as 60 file types, including: photos, movies, music, and word, excel PPT, zip, rar, psd and more without damaging original file quality.
Preview the Scanned File in Real-Time
* In the latest update, it was embedded with "Real-Time Preview" feature, which will make recovery process more convenient, you can preview image, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and more.

Recover Data from Storage Device Made by Different Manufacturers

This Vibosoft Android SMS+Contacts Recovery (Mac Version) provides users with more useful functions to help recover lost text messages and contacts from Android smart phone with ease.
From All Storage Cards:
* It could restore data from nearly all memory cards: like CF, SD, MicroSD, SmartMedia, Flash card, xD Picture, Memory Stick, MMC card, phone memory card, SDHC, MiniSD and more.
From Digital Camera Brands:
* This program is designed specifically for memory card and digital camera devices; it supports the entire popular camera in the market: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Kodak, Panasonic, and more.
Support USB Brands and Support IDE, SCSI, SATA Hard Drive
* This program can be fully compatible with IDE, SCSI, SATA hard drive. What's more: It can certainly support all USB flash drive: like SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, Corsair, HP, Lexar, Crucial, A-Data, LaCie and more.

recover data from various devices


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