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How to Download MetaCafe Videos (Mac/Windows 7,8)

Nov 10, 2013 16:47 pm / Posted by Linda to Data Recovery Topic
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Nowadays YouTube almost covers and contains everything, ranging from individual segments of film and television, music videos and home video, etc. Most common video file formats are supported to upload videos on YouTube, but due to the content problem of YouTube, there are still some countries block it such as China, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Tunisia and Turkmenistan. This article will introduce YouTube knowledge and learn how to download movies from YouTube website.

Let's Take a Look at YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video hosting resource and the third most popular website in the world which Head office is in SAN in Reno, California. This website is used to play all kinds of films via FlashVideo which contents including Movie clips, TV clips, music videos as well as other uploader homemade spare films, such as VLOG, original film, etc. Most YouTube uploaders can upload their personal videos while some media companies can upload their company recorded films due to the partnership project with YouTube. As the most successful, powerful and influential online video service providers, YouTube system deals with millions of video clips everyday and provides services such as video upload distribute, display, browsing for thousands of users in the world. YouTube adopts image coding technique which is provided by Sorenson, Spark and Adobe Flash9 to turn image files to compressed files uploaded by users. There are still some flows with it. YouTube is far worse than RealVideo online and Windows Media in the field of image quality.

How Can I Directly Download Videos from YouTube (Mac/Windows 7,8)

You may hope to watch your favorite YouTube movies when you leave your network, or watch the videos on your portable device while on the go on, but the bulk of videos on the website are not downloadable, but Vibosoft program did that. Vibosoft YouTube Downloader for windows and (YouTube Downloader for Mac), it allows you to download any videos regardless of whether the content owner has made the video available or not. It uses the latest Video decoding technology to integrate these different formats and video types like TV shows, movies, music video, streaming video files, etc. Video decoding based on multi-threading has successfully applied to this program, it will achieve high improvement in decoding speed.

Video Downloader

Video Downloader program helps you download online videos, TV shows, movie, or other straming video files with one click.

More Features:

1. There are built-in high performance video decoders to safeguard image quality.

2. Download online videos, TV, movie, or other streaming video files with one click.

3. Grasp videos from almost all popular websites, including YouTube, Dailymotion, Aol, Break, Vimeo, Metacafe, etc.

4. Allow users to select the appropriate video resolution.

For Windows Users: Run the Program on Windows 7/8/XP

After many updates, this program has been perfectly compatible with all Windows system: windows 7/8/XP. This program is quick, efficient, and offers a variety of formats and resolution choices for playback on your portable devices. The interface is a pleasure to use, and the multi-threading and batch downloading mode that allows you download lots of movies at a time. Just Copy the video URL and past the program, it will automatically analyze the video and download immediately, Learn more >>>

For Mac Users: Run the Program on Mac OS X

Vibosoft Studio has released Mac version for this program, If you're a Mac user, this program will be your best choice to get videos from YouTube site, it's completely compatible with all Mac version, such as: Mac OS X 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6 ,etc. Unlike other similar software, this program hides a lot of complex setups in order to make whole process morel understood. Only 3 steps you will get your favorite movies from YouTube to your computer.

As you can see the screenshot below, just copy and paste the video URL address to the program, it will analyses the video resource and video coding. it's worth mentioning that it offers a few video resolution and video format for your choice, you can select high-resolution to download moves.

Write in the End:

There are many reasons that why YouTube is more and more popular. Firstly, Adobe Flash Player is a common plug-ins installed in PC and supports nearly 75% online videos. Secondly, users have more opportunities to upload multiple copyrighted videos of any length one-time, such as complete movies taken in the cinema through camera. Thirdly, YouTube video can choose pixel level you want in a scope, with standard quality (SQ), the high quality (HQ) and high definition (HD) to replace before method--numerical expressing vertical resolution respectively.

If you and your friends have the demand of getting YouTube movies, Vibosoft make it real, it has released two version of Video Downloader software: Windows Version and Mac Version.

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