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How to Recover Lost Photos from Micro SD Card

Mar 18 ,2013 18:27 pm / Posted by Linda to Data Recovery Topic
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The more consistent the link to the Digital technology, the bigger risk we will take on when the data is lost. Once important data damaged, we will suffer great loss. So, this article will focus on Micro SD recovery topic in order to help user have a clear understanding on this front and we'd like to gives some suggestions according to our experience.

Little Prior Knowledge - Get to know How Micro SD Store massive Data

Micro SD card is a flash card that highly integrated with ordered and random access-capability; it can carry fast and reliable data transmission through a dedicated serial interface. Micro SD file is based on Cluster (Cluster) for access. When reading the file, it first need to search files and directory (F - DT) according to the file name, it can able to find files that stored in first cluster of content according to the starting Cluster in the file directory, and then find the second or third Cluster number in the FAT table, so you can read all the file data in the Micro SD.

Micro SD card is a tiny flash memory card, and due to its tiny size and the storage capacity was improved continuously, now has been used in GPS devices, portable music players, and phone devices. At present Micro SD card has different amounts of memory space: 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacity..

What will Possibly Cause your Micro SD Photos Loss?

Many reasons are there which may cause your pictures loss issue, the most common reason is accidental deletion of picture files while deleting unwanted files.

1. Mistakenly formatted and deleted that caused data loss.
Most people have no idea the fact that that the photos deleted from any storage device can still remain intact to original memory space. In this case, as long as you don't write new data on the partition, the lost photos from Micro SD can be recovered with some professional Micro SD photo Recovery tool.

2. Micro SD was infected by computer malware or virus.
This is also one of the major reasons may cause that you cannot access your Micro SD, Now and then, we need to connect Micro SD card to computer, this may have inadvertently unleashed potential risk, like computer virus, malwares.

3. Pop-up dialog showing: the disk is not formatted.
For Micro SD or other cards, while it is transferring the data to computer, it would lead to a Micro SD error when you suddenly pulled out, power outages or computer crash. It keeps prompting: "disks X: not formatted", "can't open memory card", In this case, it is usually the boot sector destroyed that caused an error, DBR is damaged,

How to Retrieve Lost Pictures from A Formatted/Corrupted Micro SD Card

In the overwhelming majority of cases, the issue of Micro SD photo loss can be conceptually considered as a software failure caused by many factors, for all kinds of software faults, you can still have potential chance to find your lost photos as long as your data being never overwritten. It is essential to choose a professional and reliable solution to retrieve your Micro SD files.

In order to really maximize user's recovery rate, Vibosoft have developed a professional Micro SD Photo Recovery software -- Vibosoft Card Data Recovery( Card Data Recovery for Mac), Which performs READ-ONLY operations in the memory without causing secondary damage or covering original data, it was designed to help user to recover photos from a formatted Micros SD card on Mac and windows 7/8.. The core technology of this product is “Deep Scan” feature; it can thoroughly scan the all bad sectors and file directory, then automatically rebuild the partition table in memory and extract data into other driver.

Card Data Recovery

Card Data Recovery program helps users recover deleted/formatted files from various memory cards. With it, you won't suffer from any data loss any more.

1Connect Micro SD to Computer, Install and Run the Program

Preparation: First, connect your Micro SD to computer; there are two ways available to connect to your computer, one: insert your Micro SD into card reader device then connect it to your computer, the other way: connect to your computer via USB cable (USB 2.0 is highly recommended), make sure it appears as a drive letter in "My Computer".

Then install the program on your computer, and launch it, its wizard interface made the recovery process quite easy, the program can also work for local hard drive. Once the recognition is successful, all of your drive letters will be listed with details like: file system, size. Choose the drive letter of your Micro SD and click "Next" to scan lost pictures.

Detect the drivers

2Real-time to Preview the Photos and Start to Recover

Select the right drive letter which corresponds to your Micro SD, then hit "Next" to start to scan lost files, due to the "Deep Scan" feature was embedded into the program, that make it possible to scan underlying data and rebuild the file index, so it will may take a few minutes to finish the whole scan process, so be patient.

Preview the files

After scanning, all of lost photos will be found and organized in a tree structure with detailed info: the name, size, deleted time, In the last update, this program has been added "Preview" feature, users can preview the found photos and choose the files you desire to recovery without any efforts and then start to “Recover",

Words in the End:

Once your photos or other files are permanently deleted from Micro SD card or your Micro SD was formatted, corrupted and damaged, you should right now stop write new data to your Micro SD card, namely stop using it in order to avoid covering your original data. No matter what soft failures caused your photos lost, Vibosoft Card Data Recovery (Card Data Recovery for Mac) tool still can give you full ability to retrieve pictures from formatted, corrupted and damaged Micro SD card with negligible effort.

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