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How to Recover Deleted MP3 Files from Memory Card

Sep. 17, 2013 19:35 pm / Posted by Linda to Data Recovery Topic
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Mp3 is not a stranger to the people around the world, there are a plenty of reasons why it is so popular global. Due to the size of files have been greatly compressed, it can store more information with the same space. Because of the little space occupation after compressing, it is suitable for the use and storage of the mobile devices such as MP3. The traditional MP3 requires headphones to acquire a very good sound quality, but there is some damage to people's ears. Now the main direction of new MP3 aims at putting outside music so that there is almost no damage to the eardrum and it is be loved by most people.

As a music enthusiast, my Android device saves a lot of songs. But somehow it can't be read and I can't listen to it anymore on the 20th of June. I retried it for a long time but disappointed. I was so anxious and asked help from many friends, someone tells me to format it, but I really unwilling to give up my favorite songs which I stored for many years. Fortunately and thank goodness, one of my friends introduced me a really great MP3 files recovery software which saved my lovely things.

How to Retrieve Deleted MP3 File from Various Storage Media

You know there are many complicate causes for the data missing, for example, computer crashes suddenly because of power off, important files are deleted accidentally, computer is poisoning, files could not be read, system crashes with incorrect operation or your computer is attacked by virus. Now I sincerely recommend this excellent recover to you who get into the similar trouble like me and you will get a great delight with it.

Sharpen your tool before achieve your work; The Vibosoft Card Data Recovery ( Card Data Recovery for Mac) software is a data processing tool which can help users to restore the missing data and reconstruct the damaged file system. It will not write any data to your original drive. Most strikingly, it can be able to rebuild file structure in the memory without causing secondary data damage. In addition to Mp3 file, all of your data can be restored from the hard disk or memory card which was damaged by the virus or formatted before.

Card Data Recovery

Card Data Recovery program helps users recover deleted/formatted files from various memory cards. With it, you won't suffer from any data loss any more.

1Download, Install and Run the Program

Make sure you have installed the program on your PC windows 7 or 8. If the Mp3 files were deleted from your memory card, then you need to connect your memory card to computer via USB or card reader. Then launch the program, its wizard interface made the recovery process quite easy. The program has been classified by Music, Photos, Video and All. For Mp3 file, you should select the "Music" option and "Next".

Main interface

2Identify All Storage Device and Ready to Scan

At this step, the program will instantly identify all the storage drive and portable device, all the hard drive and portable storage device will be listed with details. Just highlight the driver and "Next"...

Detect the drivers

3Preview the Found Mp3 Files and Ready to Recover

This program uses the "Deep Scan" engine to completely scan all partition tables; it may take 5 or 10 minutes finish the task based on the size of your memory card. After scanning, all of lost mp3 files will be displayed in a tree structure select the file you want, and then start to “Recover".

Preview the files

Words in the End:

We all experience that situations and know that getting data back is much harder than deleting it. Here I would like to recommend Vibosoft MP3 File Recovery ( MP3 File Recovery for Mac) software sincerely. It can restore and retrieval your data in your storage device and would not generate a new file to your original device. The main advantage is to transfer your files to itself before the MP3 device was damaged. Since the product entered the market, it has accounted for one half of the market shares. A large number of transnational corporations as well as joint ventures have used this product as a tool to recover the deleted or damaged files not only in the MP3, but also in other business document.

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