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How to Recover Deleted Videos from SD Card Easily

Nov. 21, 2012 19:27 pm / Posted by Linda to Data Recovery Topic
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Mobile phone itself has a certain amount of storage capacity, so in order to satisfy people's demand for the storage capacity of personalized mobile phone, many modern mobile phones have been set up with the external memory function, which is what we usually say the mobile phone memory card. The courses for the popularity of memory card are complicated. Firstly, mobile phone memory cards can be used to store songs, movies, books, games, softwares and other information. Secondly: the structure of SD card can guarantee the security of digital file transfer and it is easy to be formatted, so that a wide range of applications and other multimedia files can be easily saved to SD card. Thirdly, multifunctional storage cards have more functions such as large capacity, high performance and high security.

Mistakenly Deleted Your Movies or Format SD Card

A lot of people tell that a new SD memory card should be formatted if you use it at the first time, but actually this is not true because some SD cards can be used without formatting. But if you want to format the memory card I have to tell you that it is best to use mobile phone to format it. There is one thing should be noted: the constraints of the mobile phone's CPU velocity and interface results in the slower speed when you are formatting the card, so is it necessary to make sure the enough power for mobile phone when you are formatting. Sometimes the formatter will fall, please don't conclude that the SD card is broken. You can format it once again with the computer, but it is important to choose "FAT" format option, otherwise the formatted card cannot be recognized by mobile phones.

Many people like to take videos and store them in the SD cards. But how can you do if all the data is missing. Will you crazy or heart wrenched? Stop all the useless behaviors and emotions; just try Vibosoft Card Data Recovery (Card Data Recovery for Mac) software to recover deleted videos or other information from SD card. As long as the data is not repeat written, this recovery software use the "Deep Scan" mode to thoroughly scan your SD card and directly recover all lost file from storage media regardless of formatting or deleting with faulty operation.

Card Data Recovery

Card Data Recovery program helps users recover deleted/formatted files from various memory cards. With it, you won't suffer from any data loss any more.

3 Steps to Retrieve Photos from Damaged or Corrupted SDHC Card

The software is easy to operate and the speed to search for the deleted files is fast.

1Connect Your SD Card to Computer and Run the Program.

If your computer has an SD card slot you can insert the SD card directly into the port. If you are using a Micro SD card, you will need an adapter to allow it to fit into standard SD card ports. When it connects to your PC successfully, then launch the program. The main panel as follows.

Main interface

2Choose the Partition that Correspond with SD Card

At this step, this program can identify all the storage media on your computer. It supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ex Fat file system and so on. You just need to choose the partition which you want to scan and click the "Next" button.

Detect the drivers

3Scan, Preview and Recover Videos Selectively:

This program performs READ-ONLY operations on your memory; it means it will not cause second data damage. It will deep scan your SD card, it will take just 15 minutes to fully scan a 1.5 GB SD card in our test, after scanning, all of lost movies will be organized in a tree structure with the name, size, deleted time, then start to "Recover".

Preview the files

Recovery Principle:

The principle is that there are many basic physical areas on the storage media; system controls the magnetic head to record electromagnetic signals so that the information of files can be recorded. Yes, this principle is just similar to the tape principle. The system will mark all the contents according to the electromagnetic signals otherwise it will skip automatically in order to improve efficiency. The reason why your files can't be found or deleted is because the marking area lost from the system. However, it is fortunately that the system just deletes the marks of electromagnetic signals, and the contents on the basic area can be covered directly without any removing. In short, Vibosoft Card Data Recovery( Card Data Recovery for Mac) software can remark the basic area, repair and rebuild the bad sectors and save them somewhere.

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