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New Things on Windows 10 You Need to Know

Jan 28, 2016 15:00 pm / Posted by Linda to Data Recovery Topic
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For those users who are quite discontent with Windows 8, you have a new choice - Windows 10, which surely pacify the damage and losses brought by Windows 8. Maybe some are just hesitating whether they should update to Windows 10 or not. Well, then you read this passage to know more about Windows 10 so as to make the right choice. Now, let's learn some new features on this Windows 10 one by one.

1. Improved Start Menu

Similar to Windows 7, Windows 10 has a Start Menu with standard Windows software and apps. But in Windows 10, Live Tiles have been added, which allows you to check unread mail or calendar appointments. Also, the newly designed Start Menu provides a lost of the frequently-used apps as well as shortcuts to file explorer, settings, and etc. The new Windows 10 is able to use the universal search to reveal the charms bar and shut down or restart Windows laptop or tablet. You are free to make adjustments of your Windows 10 screen such as customizing the Start Menu, resizing it and etc.

2. Better Snap Assist

Within the new Windows 10, the new Snap Assist allows you to pull in Windows from anywhere. The snap adjustment is done to make sure that the user gets a single application within multiple windows to increase the usability. This feature actually can't be more friendly to Windows users.

3. Reasonable App Sorting

The new Windows 10 allows users to better manage their Apps in the best way. You are free to sort out your apps in different ways, such as by name, by date installed, by most used, by category and etc.

4. Edge Browser

Formerly known as Project Spartan, Edge Browser is Microsoft's web browser to replace the Internet Explorer. This new browser includes a reading mode which allows you to make annotations with a pen, finger or keyboard. This Edge Browser is actually a slick looking browser, with a familiar tabbed view and a dual functioning address bar that will act as your search box too.

5. Cortana

The Cortana in Windows 10 is actually a rival against Siri and Google, which was previously only available on Windows phones. This feature makes searching for items much easier. Also, you can open it via voice. Just as Siri on iDevices, you can speak out what you want and let this Cortana do it for you!

6. Xbox App and Streaming

There is no exaggeration to say that Xbox App is a god-sent gift for all game-lovers. With Windows 10, you are allowed to take control over Xbox One and a DVR capture for Windows games. Gamers can play multiplayer cross-platform between Xbox One and PC. In this regard, this feature enables game lovers to play games with ease and satisfaction.

7. Universal Apps

This feature is especially useful for those who have more than one Windows device, such as a Windows phone and a Windows-driven computer. All apps downloaded from Windows Store can be re-sized and be included in the tile bars so you can minimize and maximize them as you wanted and needed. More importantly, these downloaded apps can be shared among all your Windows devices.

8. New Tablet Mode

The new tablet mode allows those who like the new touchscreen-optimized features to make the Start Menu go fullscreen and run all apps in full screen. So you are free to switch between tablet and desktop modes as you wanted and needed.

All the features mentioned in the above are just the key changes within Windows 10. Generally speaking, Windows 10 has been improved in many aspects, with the ultimate goal to provide more user-friendly interface and more comprehensive and practical functions! So now, have you made your decision? Are you ready to download the newest Windows 10?

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