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How to Recover Deleted Photos from xD Picture Card on Mac

Nov. 24, 2013 19:25 pm / Posted by Linda to Data Recovery Topic
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Digital cameras have been used more and more by people. Such devices allow people to escape from the trouble of using those big and clumsy films. People use new generation of storage mediums including xD picture card to store photos in digital cameras. With the help of these light things, people not only get conveniences in carrying the weight, but also are able to transfer their nice images into other electronic devices such as computers to show their nice photos to anyone else. However, some people using cameras with xD picture card in sometimes found that the data stored in the card were astonishingly lost. Once this happens, people always become very frustrated and upset. This is understandable. Good pictures are so precious that few people can afford to accept the chance to lose them. Today let’s talk about something concerning that.

An xD Picture Card may Lose Its Photos When...

There are many reasons that can cause the data stored in an xD picture card to be lost. For example, people accidentally delete some important contents or format the xD picture card incorrectly. All together, there may be any wrong operations that cause the data lost. But this problem can actually be solved if people make some further study. About it the solution is to recover these data. Some people may wonder: since the data (photos) has been lost, how come to recover them? Just remember that you cannot conclude that they have been really "lost" from the fact that you cannot see them. Actually these data are still in the disk even though you think that are completely lost. This situation’s appearance comes from the identifier, something telling the camera that the data have been deleted and advising that new data can be written. But this is really deceitful: the data still reside in the xD picture card, occupying space and, waiting for people to "lead them back".

To make the data for the lost pictures back, people should ask help from something, some professional data recovering tools, which are used to retrieve the data. Of all such tools, Vibosoft Photo Recovery( Photo Recovery for Mac) is a very effective one. It is well designed by many experts and is recommended by a lot of xD picture card users. One of the features of this software is that it’s pretty simple to use. And it not only helps people to recover lost pictures, but also helps them to find many other types of files, like music and so on.

Photo Recovery

Photo Recovery program helps you completely recover photos from all storage devices without secondary damage.

3 Steps to Recover Deleted Photos from XD Picture Card on Mac Computer

There are generally 3 simple steps to follow: As long as the data is not repeat written, this recovery software use the "Deep Scan" mode to thoroughly scan your SD card and directly recover all lost file from storage media regardless of formatting or deleting with faulty operation.

1Connect Your xD Picture Card to PC and Run the Program.

First, you will need to connect your xD picture card to computer. Then free download, install and launch xD picture recovery program on Mac or Windows computer. In the interface, you can select a recovery option as shown. Then press "Next".

2Choose the Partition that Correspond with xD Picture Card

Startup the tool and use it. The tool will firstly help to find where the lost pictures are and tell you about that. Then you may decide which picture or pictures to recover and begin your work! Highlight the partition where you lost your photos. Click "Scan" to search your lost pictures. Soon you will get all deleted photos listed with details on the menu.

scan lost pictures

3Ready to Recover Images Selectively:

In this step, you can see all scanned pictures listed with similar file signature. Check the folder and pane before every file to preview images in the preview window. Then check the single box before photos you wish to recover and click "Recover".

restore images selectively

Note: In the next prompt dialog box, select a safe path for the recovered photos. For security's sake, don't save the photos to xD picture card or memory card again.

Recovery Principle:

With the coming into being of electronic devices with more diversified functions and types, it is for sure that storage mediums like xD picture card will play an even more important part in people’s everyday life. Accumulating enough information on how to protect the data stored in this kind of device is essential. It doesn’t matter how many times you have encountered the problem of losing your special pictures stored in your xD picture card of you camera before. As long as you have read this article carefully, you will enjoy more happy moments from keeping every of your favorite pictures!

Vibosoft Photo Recovery( Photo Recovery for Mac) software can remark the basic area, repair and rebuild the bad sectors and save them somewhere. Vibosoft recovery program quality, technology, equipment in the prestigious peer in, access to the user's praise.

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