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Recover Deleted Photos from Sony Cybershot Camera

Dec 13, 2013 11:07 am / Posted by Linda to Data Recovery Topic
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As a very famous camera brand belonging to the Sony company, Cyber-shot is quite popular among those digital camera fans. Many people love to carry Sony Cyber-shot camera during their journey to shot for the best time of their life. Speaking of using such cameras, there is one thing that is indispensable, the storage card. Only when a storage card inserted into that camera that it will be possible for people to take photos with it. But storing photos and images for such a thing is not always without any problem. Sometimes people cannot find their freshly taken photos in their Sony Cyber-shot cameras, maybe they delete their photos by accident, or there is something wrong with cameras' memory cards. Besides, many other unpredictable problems can also cause the loss of photos. No matter which, it is necessary for people to solve the problem.

To avoid the problem of losing photos after they were taken by a Sony Cyber-shot camera, some people use the method of copying their photos to other storage medium frequently. However, this is not only a complicated way, but also an incomplete one. If any problem occurred before the copying process, this method will be invalid.

How to Reduce the Loss of Mistakenly Deleting Pictures?

As everyone knows, when photos are deleted from a Sony Cyber-shot camera, they cannot be displayed. They seem to be disappeared. But in fact, they have been left in somewhere of the storage card. To move them back to the place where they should be, a type of thing called card data recovery is needed.

Card data recovery has actually existed for long. But there are not so many people knowing about it. This kind of thing can easily solve the problem of accidentally deleting photos in digital cameras like the Sony Cyber-shot camera. They detect for the data of deleted photos in the track of a storage card first. But detecting is not the only thing they are able to do. After successfully making sure where the data are, this tool will take the responsibility of data recovering. Considering the simplicity and economical efficiency, Vibosoft Card Data Recovery (Card Data Recovery for Mac) is a type with high cost performance. For the conveniences of users, the designers integrate many functions into it.

There are two trial version, you can download the right one according to your PC system. Keep browsing this page, I will show you how to operate this program on your computer. While, I'll take the Windows version as an example, Mac users can follow the same steps.

Card Data Recovery

Card Data Recovery program helps users recover deleted/formatted files from various memory cards. With it, you won't suffer from any data loss any more.

How to Restore Lost Photos from Sony Cyber-shot Camera (Windows7/8 & Mac)

1Connect Sony Cyber-shot Camera to PC and Run the Program

Firstly, make sure your camera connects to your computer successfully. You may need a USB or card reader. And some cameras' memory card can be plugged into the PC directly without any other tools. Just as the case may be. Then run this program on your computer, it will detect all your drives as the interface shows below. Find the right drive letter of your Sony Cyber-shot Camera, click "Next".

Detect the drivers

2Preview and Recover Pictures from Sony Camera

All your lost files will be listed on the left panel as the following menu, including photos, music, videos and so on. Choose the "PHOTO" folder, the whole pictures are divided into several different types according to the formats, like JPG, PNG, GIP, JMP. Before retrieving, you can scan your lost photos, if you just want to regain some of them, just select the needed ones. After selection, press the "Recover" button, then your deleted photos will come back to your camera memory card soon.

Preview the files

Write in the end:

For those who are afraid of losing photos when using their Sony Cyber-shot cameras, the right thing to do is not to avoid using digital cameras, but to try to learn more about solving some may-happened problems. A fine card data recovery product will guarantee the nice feeling during your beautiful journeys and add up good memories and special feelings to your life. Try this Vibosoft Camera Card Recovery (Mac Version) program, you will get all problems solved.

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