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Recover Deleted Files (Photos, Videos) from Fujifilm Camera

Dec. 05, 2013 17:14 pm / Posted by Linda to Data Recovery Topic
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Since the invention of cameras, people have experienced great changes in their lives. The application of digital cameras has brought even greater changes. The biggest advantage of a digital camera is that it provides diversified ways of displaying beautiful pictures and images. People can transfer their images to other devices or print them out and put in albums according to their various needs. Some brands of cameras, like FUJI & Canon, are very popular with people. Still, people complain sometimes that they have lost all their photos which were taken by their FUJI cameras.

Once the photos are lost from a FUJI camera, one's most common response is shaking his/her shoulder and saying: there is nothing I can do about this. However, some people's experiences tell us that not only lost photos from a FUJI camera can be recovered, but also they can be the same as they were before. Then why do some people say that they can not recover the photos while some others have already successfully get them back?

How to Restore Lost Photos from FUJI Camera?

The secret lies in the recovering technology of the storage card. As we know that to make a digital work, we must install a storage card for it. Once the photos of a FUJI camera are lost, the problem must come from the storage card. No matter photos lost or deleted from a digital camera, they must "hide" themselves somewhere in the track of the storage device. The only thing is that they "left" where they should be stored and displayed. That is why you could not find them. So what you should do is to use something to "hunt" for them and "catch" them back. This "something" is actually a type of software which is used for recovering lost data from storage mediums.

There are many different kinds of data recovering softwares for camera storage card. Generally speaking, people need to choose one that is both reliable and easy to use. Among those who like to use digital cameras, many people say that they have chosen the Vibosoft Card Data Recovery(Card Recovery Mac Version) for data recovery in case of the photos' loss or deletion from their cameras. This is a type of such software that can be used for data recovering for all kinds of storage mediums, including those used in FUJI cameras. One of its features is that it can be updated with the advancement of technology. So users do not have to worry about any new demands.

Card Data Recovery

Card Data Recovery program helps users recover deleted/formatted files from various memory cards. With it, you won't suffer from any data loss any more.

How to Regain Lost Photos from FUJI Digital Camera

Note:This program provides you Windows and Mac versions, and the following guide takes the Windows version as an example. If you are a Windows user, you can act as the steps show below. While, Mac users can mostly follow the same instructions. Pay attention not to download the wrong version, or your PC won't recognize it and you'll fail to recover photos.

1Connect FUJI Camera to Computer and Run the Program

Each camera has a memory card, some storage cards can be plugged into PC directly without any other tools, while others need a USB or card adapter. However, just make sure that your PC will detect your camera's memory card successfully. Then operate this program on your computer, you will see this program sort files with four folders: All, Photos, Music and Video.

choose file or drive for scanning

2Scan your Camera

Before recovering, this program need to scan the memory card of your device. It may cost several minutes, please be a little patient. While, according to the following menu, this program can detect all your devices, you'd better find the right drive letter and click "Next". If you enter a wrong one, you will never find your photos.

Detect the drivers

3Preview and Recover Photos Selectively

After scanning, you will get the lost files listed in a certain arrangement, and then have a good view of those detailed information, such as file names, size, deleted time, etc. If you just want to recover some of the pictures, pick them out and press "Recover", then your favorite photos will come back to your camera. Moreover, if you use this program to restore photos or any other files on your camera's memory card, you can also save them to your PC for other usages as you want. That's totally helpful.

Preview the files

Words in the End:

Camera brings people more fun and excitements as an essential item. The prerequisite for getting such fun and excitements is to handle some relevant skills, or you will suffer a lot. Learning how to recover photos from your FUJI camera will not take you long, but what you will get from the learning is very worthy. And this is also very cool. How could you know nothing about that as a super FUJI camera fan! Just download and try it yourself!

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