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Recover Deleted Excel (.XLS, XLSX) Files from Computer, USB

Sep 13, 2013 14:35 pm / Posted by Linda to Data Recovery Topic
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We all know that with the development of high technology, different softwares have rushed into our daily life such as Word, Photoshop, CAD and Excel etc. Maybe everyone is familiar with Excel because it is so strong and useful not only in our study but also in our works. There are some reasons to explain why Excel is an excellent and useful software all over the word. Firstly, when personal computer is a widespread device, Excel becomes the most extensive use of office software without a shadow of doubt. A common software title may be not enough to describe its might, in fact, in many companies, enterprises, even government departments, Excel has completely become a tool of production and played an important role in the work of various departments in the core. Whenever the users in what the industry, as long as they need to deal with data, Excel would be the best and first choice. Secondly, Excel was designed as a data computing so that Excel becomes universal day by day. The users can create spreadsheets according to their own ideas and finish the tasks with the help of Excel.

Under What Circumstances You Need to Use Excel Data Recovery

However, as you know every coin has two sides. You will get into troubles with Excel suddenly; cite an instance all the data are disappeared for many different reasons.

First, sudden power outages may cause your data on Excel file lost suddenly.

Second, maybe you will never be able to open a Excel file contains important information due to the virus attacking.

Third, maybe the file you want to open turns into a pile of garbage or can't be open altogether because of an unknown error.

On one occasion, I encountered such a terrible fate. My Excel files what contain all employees' salary data was hidden and I couldn't remember when and how. When I need to use it, it showed "the file cannot be opened, the file format or extension is invalid, please make sure the file is not corrupted, “then I checked up all the file formats and extension, but they were right and there was even no signs of toxicity in the computer. I tried all methods but useless. I was so anxious and felt like an ant on a hot pan. But at this time my colleague came to me and introduced me this effective software -- Vibosoft Data Recovery Master. It is really a good savior for me and the people falling across the situation like me. The Excel file recovery adopts the latest data scanning engine, reads the original sector data from the disk bottom and reconstructs the original partition & the original directory structure of the missing files as well as directories in memory with advanced data analysis algorithm, the effect of data recovery is very good.

Get the Trial Version Here:

Data Recovery Master

Data Recovery Master is an easy-to-use data recovery tool to help recover data from from deleted, corrupted, formatted portions and crashed drives.

Only 3 Steps to Recover Deleted Excel Files on (Windows 7/8 and Mac OS)

1Free Download and Run the Program

First, make sure you’ve successfully installed the Vibosoft Data Recovery Master on your computer, If you deleted Excel files from your USB flash drive, you need to connect your USB flash drive to computer. Then launch the program. There are four recovery modes available for your choice: Deleted Recovery, Format Recovery, Partition Recovery and Raw Recovery. Choose the suitable option according to your real situation.

main interface

2Select the Partition and Start to Scan

At this step, you need to select the right partition where your lost data located before. This program perfectly supports NTFS, FAT116, FAT32 and support IDE, SCSI, SATA. Then It will scan your hard drive or USB drive, please be patient! It used the "Deep Scan" mode by default, so it may take a little long time to scan.

Scan the files

3Preview and Recover Your Lost Excel Selectively:

The scanning will be finished within a few minutes based on the storage size of your hard drive, and all of lost data will be organized in a tree structure with the name, size, deleted time. Select the Excel files and star to recover.

preview before recovery

Write in the End:

If you can use Excel skillfully, no matter which industry or company you are working for, a superb Excel level can be a good catalyst for your future career. Whether you are using any version of Excel now, do not have to worry about the existing knowledge will soon be eliminated.

In a word, Vibosoft Excel File Recovery not only helps user pull out from the trouble but also make them to be a skillful Excel user in the group. And now Vibosoft has earned huge reputation among team members. We also hope it would be useful for all Excel users. If you encounter the similar troubles with windows, please try this high efficiency helper.

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