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Mobile Phone Topic

As Android users, you may experience problems in getting in touch with Android data recovery, data backup and data transfer issues. Then, this mobile phone topic will share most useful tips and tricks for Android phone like: Samsung, HTC, LG and more...

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  • How to Backup Messages from Samsung Galaxy to PC

    Are you still looking for a reliable program to download your text messages from your Samsung cell phone? Read this article, you will get the best answer.
  • How to Copy Contacts from Android Phone to PC

    When you want to transfer data, usually to a new phone, you often choose to copy them to the SD or SIM card, but it still necessary to copy text messages, contacts from LG to computer for backup.
  • How to Recover Lost Contacts from Android

    As Android becomes the most common smartphone system, several telecoms giants such as Samsung, HTC, LG have launched various Android phones. And this page will help your restore lost contacts from all Android phones.
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    How to Sync Songs on Nokia with iPhone
    Sync music from Nokia Lumia to iPhone 6 Plus seems difficult, but in this page, a few solutions will be presented for you reference if you need to transfer songs from Nokia to iPhone. Check this out.
    Tips to Transfer Contacts between BlackBerry and HTC
    This article will help you solve the problem of how to transfer contacts from BlackBerry to HTC and from HTC to BlackBerry in the most effective way.
    Simple Way to Transfer Text Messages from Nokia to Android
    SMS can be easily transferred from Nokia to Android device or from Android to Nokia with the professional phone to phone transfer program in the guidance. You may follow the instructions to start the transferring process.
    A Solution to Transfer Photos between HTC and iPhone
    How to transfer photos from HTC to iPhone or from iPhone to HTC? You'll get the answers to this question in this page. Let's find out the solution by reading it now.
    Tricks to Sync Android Music with Windows Phone
    Exporting songs from Android to Windows Phone can be achieved easily with the phone to phone transfer program shown in this page. Just read on and follow the steps below.
    Easily Transfer Apps between HTC and Samsung Devices
    There must be some apps that you want to keep when you changed a new Samsung Galaxy S6. This is a tutorial to teach you how to transfer apps from HTC to Samsung quickly.
    How to Export Contacts from Windows Phone to Android
    Once you have updated your Windows Phone like Nokia to a new Android phone, you may need to sync the previous contacts to the new phone. This article will show you the easiest way to transfer Windows Phone to Android.
    BlackBerry to BlackBerry Data Transfer
    It's common that you update your old BlackBerry to a new BlackBerry. And after that, you may need to transfer the data from the old phone to the new one. This article will tell you how to transfer data from BlackBerry to BlackBerry easily.
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