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Mobile Phone Topic

As Android users, you may experience problems in getting in touch with Android data recovery, data backup and data transfer issues. Then, this mobile phone topic will share most useful tips and tricks for Android phone like: Samsung, HTC, LG and more...

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    Are you still looking for a reliable program to download your text messages from your Samsung cell phone? Read this article, you will get the best answer.
  • How to Copy Contacts from Android Phone to PC

    When you want to transfer data, usually to a new phone, you often choose to copy them to the SD or SIM card, but it still necessary to copy text messages, contacts from LG to computer for backup.
  • How to Recover Lost Contacts from Android

    As Android becomes the most common smartphone system, several telecoms giants such as Samsung, HTC, LG have launched various Android phones. And this page will help your restore lost contacts from all Android phones.
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