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One Click to Transfer HTC Files to PC Wirelessly

May 11, 2016 09:20 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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When you need to format your HTC phones, you may choose to transfer all files from HTC to PC so as to make a backup of these files; when you are preparing for the lectures to be given tomorrow, you may use your HTC phone as a flash drive to save to finished PPT. Actually, in our daily life, there are many cases when you need to transfer files between HTC devices and computer, be it from HTC phone to computer or from computer to HTC device. Traditionally, a USB cord is essential in sharing files, which is indeed a trouble for most people especially for those who don't like bring too many items when going out. Even if it's okay to bring a USB cord, it would cost you much time when it comes to a large amount of files, such as hundreds of photos, dozens of videos and more.

Here, you are highly recommended to try this Vibosoft Android Assistant, which offers you two ways to share files as wanted and needed. In other words, it allows you to transfer files from HTC phone to PC computer with or without USB cord. Aside from being a perfect data transfer tool for Android devices, which empowers you to transfer anything like contacts, messages, music, videos, apps and more between Android device and computer in an easy and fast way, it also serves as the best data manager to manage your device directly on the computer. With it, you are free to send messages from the computer to the Android device without any restrictions, to print messages or contacts from Android device, to install or uninstall apps to the Android device in one click, and to do many other things. Now, you can get this software and follow the below tutorial to transfer files from HTC phone to PC computer without USB cord.

Guide to Transfer Files from HTC Phone to PC Computer Wirelessly

First of all, click on the below icon to download the Windows version on the computer. (Note: Wireless file transfer can only be supported by Windows version currently.)



Secondly, open the installed software on the computer and then get your HTC phone connected to the computer. You will see the below interface where two modes are offered for your reference. Choose the option of "Connect via wifi" to continue the process.

You will then see the below interface. If you don't have Android Manager APK on your HTC phone, you can click here to download Android Manager APK on your HTC phone . If you have already downloaded this APK on your phone, just scan the QR code to let your phone be successfully connected.

Now, you can see all the file folders are detected and displayed on the left panel of the main interface. You can then enter the different tabs to preview more information and then click on the Export option to transfer the files from HTC device to the PC computer or Import option to sync files from PC to HTC device in one click.

By the way, if you are not a HTC phone, you can still use this software and follow the steps to transfer files from HTC phone to PC wirelessly!

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