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Must-have Android Apps to Make Android Phone Run Faster

Oct 22, 2015 14:52 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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According to the feedback of Android mobile users, most users frequently complained that their phone goes slower and slower, and Android phone really drains the battery life quickly. Well, in terms of the slower performance of your Android device, you can click here to know several useful tips to speed up your Android device. Today, this passage will introduce some powerful Android apps to help optimize Android devices.

1: AutoKiller Memory Optimizer

As is implied by its name, this application is able to automatically optimize your Android phone when you open this application on your Android phone. This application serves as your best assistant tool for Android device, which can help attain maximum efficient output from your phone by increasing your device’s speed and consuming less battery on your Android phone.

Note: Click Here to download AutoKiller Memory Optimizer.

2. Screebl  – Get Your Screen On

This is a magical application! Have you ever considered it is possible to turn your Android screen on while saving battery? It is unimaginable. But with this application, it is just as easy as pie. You can get this software and experience its magical power by yourself!

Note: Click Here to download Screebl application.

3. Advanced Task Killer

When opening your Andorid phone, some applications are background running without informing you. Actually, such situation is often the case of quite a few Android users. This will greatly lead to the battery drain in a short time. Under such situation, you can have a try of this application, an advanced task manager used to kill applications. This application is able to clean up your used memory, kill the applications and optimize your device to its full efficient use.

Note: Click Here to download Advanced Task Killer.

4.  SetCPU for Root Users

Judging from its name, it can be inferred that this application is suitable for rooted Android phones. This app can optimize the rooted Android phones by by changing the CPU settings so that your device is able to offer the maximum performance in the minimum battery consumption. This application can be suitable to all Android phones, as long as they have been rooted.

Note: Click Here to download SetCPU for Root Users.

5. Fast Reboot

Rebooting your phone can free up the used memory and better boost the performance of your Android phone. But this may possibly lead to the instability of your Android phone. The Fast Reboot is an Android application which actually reboots all your processes without actually rebooting your phone. Thus, this application is able to optimize your Android phone without doing little harm to your Android phone. With this application, you can attain the best efficiency of your Android phones.

Note: Click Here to download Fast Reboot.

Words in The End:

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