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Transfer Contacts from Android Cell Phone to Computer

May. 25, 2013 18:27 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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I some time ago schooled myself into a habit of browsing various post bars. Few days ago I enter one of the post bars for some useful information about android phone only to find this message: Nowadays the number of contacts in our mobile phone is getting larger and larger, so it’s pretty a matter of course for us to become afraid of losing our mobile phone numbers one day. To avoid such unpleasant experience, measures should be taken to make our “mobile life” conveniently, so I want to put my phone contacts to the computer, but input those contacts one by one annoys me very much! I’m quite fed up with it and want to find a better way to transfer contacts from my android phone to PC. Thanks a lot!

Why and How I Export Android Contacts to Computer

Mobile phones are prone to software failures, physical damage and even theft. For these reasons, many users prefer backing up their phone contacts to their personal computers. There are many ways to achieve mobile phone contacts transfer, the key is of the problem is to figure out what type of your contacts is. Actually, importing the contacts between the new and old cell phones can be easily accomplished via a mobile phone synchronization application to expand the original mobile phones contacts backup into sim card, then we can install the same application in the new mobile phone, later using the software to restore the contact expansion in the new phone. By doing so, we can achieve our target. There are also many other similar applications online for transferring android contacts to computer, what we should matter is find the suitable one.

No matter your android phone is cheap or expensive, in despite of its diversity of function, contacts is crucial regardless of whether the people are business or personal contacts. Many of us store our contact information on our phones, however, what if you damage or lose your phone, so it’s high time we back your contact information up on your computer. What you are probably in need is Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager, why? Because it can perfectly transfer your Android phone's contacts to personal computer and you will be joyful for the high quality and the same order of the contacts as they are stored in the phone.

Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

How to Backup Contacts from Android Mobile Phone to Computer

1Connect Android Device to Computer, Run the Program

First, you should ensure your Android device can be able to correctly connect to your computer with USB cable. Then install and run the program,

Note: Enable USB debugging. Before scanning, you should enable USB debugging. The steps for different Android vary, so follow the instruction correctly shown on the software screen.

Install the program

2Automatically Install USB Driver

In this step, you need to install USB driver on your computer so that the program can scan and read your phone's memory, SIM card, and SD card. No need to root your Android device, the program will automatically download and install the USB driver from Vibosoft official site.

Note: Click “Allow” on your Android device to allow the program super user authorization when an app Superuser Request pops up.

install USB drive

3Analyze Your Device and Preview Contacts

Keep in mind that this program will analyze all the data stored in the phone's memory, SIM and SD card, all of your files will be organized in a tree structure with details. You can preview the Contacts and the corresponding number. To save or export the contacts, you can either save individual messages or a group of contacts from your phone in the program

To do this, click on the individual messages or multiple messages and click the "Backup" button to start to export.

Write in the End:

A great many people with android mobiles use pea pod, by utilizing it they must input every contact of their android phones one by one on the computer by hand. We always say no pains ,no gains, by masses of efforts, they often get a bad result because the when the names of the contacts are not very simple, the middle names can’t be edited and shown when transferring to the computer. So when you have the same first name and family name with others, the phone owner surely feel very uncomfortable! Some individuals turn to Google for help. First they have to sign up for a Google account, but sometimes they fail to find the account on the computer in the contact list.

Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager program has been fully capable of identifying all Android devices and extract contacts to PC.

Major features:

1. Directly extract all data from your Phone and save on computer as a readable format.

2. Help you to manage files on computer: text message, contacts, photos, apps, etc.

3. Directly send messages from computer to other's cell phone.

4. Help you send group messages easily and quickly by multiple choices and groups SMS function.

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