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How to Recover Deleted Photos from HTC

Nov 22, 2013 13:27 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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I was stuck with a problem with my HTC as the manage application was automatically closed and the device went back to the previous setting condition. I was unable to detect the reason so I reset my phone back to the factory default settings. I restarted my phone and then all the photos were deleted. I don't know what to do for getting those pictures back -- Kevin

Why we Need to Restore Lost Photos from HTC

Actually, many mobile photos are acted as cameras to record every meaningful scene of our lives. Masses of HTC users are enabled to capture treasured moments of your life like weddings, parties, and trips to last the happiness. Photos are lifetime assets as they have a deep relationship with our emotions and feelings. They make the memory of precious and special moments vivid. If only one loses such valuable collection of photos from his or her HTC phone, he must be on the rack. When it does occur, we may rack our brains to find a solution to get them back.

After a long sigh, I am glad to tell you that things are not as bad as we imaged. Often, deleting photos by chance or intentionally, formatting the phone or virus attacking can all cause the photos disappeared from where they should be. But it's just the apparent phenomenon. Should you get yourself immersed in learning some relevant knowledge and access to related information, you would know the truth. Those commands only make the objects invisible. When we anxiously look over the accident and attempt to view them, the place they originally stayed looks blank as if they have never been there. Even so, there is still reason for hope.

What Should We Do to Restore Missing Photos?

To recover deleted photos from your HTC, measures should be taken to prevent the situation going sour. First of all, you ought to stop any operation in the phone, just leave what it was. After that, finding an appropriate recovery program is necessary. Since many have no idea about it, I would give you a hint for the improvement of the condition.

Vibosoft HTC Photo Recovery is able to coast home as long as you have such requirement that retrieving your wiped data. It grants you the perfect and reliable effect and efficiency for recovering your lost images from HTC. What is worth mentioning is that it can not only help recover deleted photos, videos, music, files and other data out of despair, but also you have the permission to access it whether the malfunctioning mobile is Samsung, HTC, or LG.

DR. Mobile for Android

DR. Mobile for Android is professional data recovery software. It allows you to recover lost/ deleted files on Android smart phones and tablets.

As you can see, this program has two versions: Windows and Mac. You can download one of them according to your PC system. The guide below will take Windows version as an example; Mac users can generally follow the same steps.

User Guide: How to Restore Photos from HTC

1Connect HTC to PC and Run this Program

Connect your HTC device to computer via USB, then download, install and run this program. Soon you will get a menu as pictured. Now you need to enable USB debugging on your phone. If you haven't rooted your HTC device, please check this link to achieve that.

2Scan, Preview and Recover the Deleted Photos

At this step, the program will deeply scan your HTC phone; the lost photos will be displayed on list. Check and select the photos you need and ready to recover, and then hit the "Recover" button, your lost photos will be retrieved soon.


Write in the End

Photos must be the best recorder of our memories, because we usually recall the past by browsing old photos. Once they are missing, it seems that our past life would be incomplete. Nip in the bud, we'd better back up all the photos at all times. While, somehow you lose photos on your HTC phone, you can try this Vibosoft HTC Photo Recovery. It can help you solve the whole problems. By the way, this software is suitable for all the Android phones, like LG, Samsung, Motorola, etc. And it can also applied to all the HTC smartphone models, such as HTC Desire, Evo, Hero, Inspire, Incredible, Thunderbolt, HD7, Aria etc. Believe me, it must be the best photo recovering manager.


1. Having updated and reliable backup of important photos is the best way to defend against data loss. So please maintain backups on the trusty device.
2. Update the software you usually use on your mobile and check the mobile from time to time to keep it from attacking.
3. Before conducting deleting operation, check the file names twice and make sure you don't wipe the wrong ones.

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