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How to Transfer/Export Contacts from HTC to Computer

Nov 24,2013 17:52 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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But using HTC mobile, you may fail to avoid one question: You just get a new Android phone, says Samsung Galaxy S3, and want to import hundreds of contacts to it from your old HTC hero. Or, had you browsed the web on transferring contacts from HTC to computer, However, I was wondering how to transfer contacts from my HTC to computer for backup? I have tried looking around but I can't find anything. How can you do?

Keeping HTC Contacts in SIM is Not A Solution

In fact, there are two places available for saving new contacts on your HTC device -- HTC phone memory and SIM card. Sometimes, keeping contacts on your SIM card can also act as a form of backup, helping you to guard against data loss from serious software or hardware malfunctions by copying your phone's most important contacts to a location separate from the main memory store.

1. But keeping contacts in SIM isn't a perfect solution, once your HTC device was stolen or lost, then all data will be lost permanently. So, most HTC users say that keeping contacts in SIM is not a perfect solution for backup.

2. Although HTC smart phones differ in specification, they share a common interface for copying contacts to your SIM. But it’s not the perfect solution. Why, not everyone will remember to backup their contacts to the SIM, right? And you can’t guarantee that the SIM card would always be valid and available to you.

Backup HTC Contacts to Your Personal Computer

No other way to the problem? Don't panic. There's an easy way to import contacts from HTC to computer. To make a copy of contacts. Vibosoft Team came out with a most useful suggestion - keep HTC contacts on personal computer. It's always a good idea to export contacts from Android to your computer, and the other way around. You can import/export contacts between Android and computer when you accidentally delete or lose some important contacts on your Android phone or when you want to export contacts to PC.

Thankfully, with a little forethought and the help of Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager, which can be able to deeply scan and analyze HTC database. This program built in with the most advanced data extract and control technology, extract all data from HTC device to local hard drive. It is an excellent management software which can manage various Android phones, Android tablets through computer.

Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

User Guide: How to Export Contacts from HTC to Computer

1Connect HTC to PC, Run the Program and Enable USB Debugging

This article will take Windows version as an example. First, make sure you've connected your HTC device to a PC using an USB cable, then free download the program, install and run it on your PC. The program will identify your device, you need to enable USB debugging, then it can able to scan and read the data.

Look at the following screenshot: Enable USB debugging and continue

Install the program

2Automatically Install USB Driver on Your Computer

The first time you connect your HTC device that plugs into a universal serial bus (USB) port, the program automatically installs a driver for that device. After a driver is installed, you can disconnect and reconnect the device without performing any additional steps. It will take a few seconds to install the USB driver, so be patient!

install USB drive

Note: An alert message will pop up in your Phone, and Click “Allow” on your Android device to allow the program super user authorization.

3Start to Analyze and Scan HTC Device

Once the USB driver installed successfully, then the program will identify your HTC device and show the major equipment parameters in the panel. At the same time it will deeply scan the phone's memory, SIM and SD card. You can click the "Apps", "photos", "File" or "Contacts", at the top of the panel, all the data inside your HTC phone will be scanned and be organized in a tree structure with details.

main panel

4Preview and Start to Export HTC Contacts Selectively:

To preview contacts, just click the "Contacts" button at the top of the panel, all the contacts will be displayed in a tree structure with details. You can click the "Name" to select all and click the “Export" to export to your local hard disk. In additional contacts, you can also export text messages, and send message, modify contacts and more...

Note: You can directly send messages from PC to other's phone in the program.

Write in the End:

For the majority of HTC new users, they would care much about the quality and the speed of the phone. There is a lot of evidence that quality is reliable. But for most HTC phones, they are touch -screen, and the designers tend to develop big screen mobiles, so it is necessary for you to pay more attention to it when playing with it. As large quantities of HTC mobiles adopt windows mobile system, a system that has a high requirement on the hardware, so it's a high-end mobile phones in all hardware configuration But HTC now pay more and more attention to the android mobile phone, after all, there are too many advantages applying the android system to the HTC mobile relative to the WM. Moreover, the speed is faster, and the same powerful especially Internet access.

Try Vibosoft Android Manager Program, it's now able to fully support all android devices and meet the different needs. For HTC phone, this program supports all modes: HTC Evo, Desire, Inspire, Wildfire, HD2, Hero, Tattoo, Touch, Magic, Incredible, Thunderbolt, Freestyle and more ...

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