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Transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy/Note to Computer

May. 25, 2013 18:27 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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There are always some circumstances when we need to export Samsung galaxy/note/tab contacts to the computer, and it is inevitable. For Samsung galaxy and note users, because of the powerful functions of their smart phones, they have the right to enjoy the privilege in comparison with us ordinary phone users.

Why and How I Export Samsung Contacts to Computer

How to backup contacts from my samsung galaxy or note to computer? Any way is available to realize the goal? There is no need to worry! Android mobile manager is an application aimed at transfer files inside android mobile phone, there is no diffidence whether the data transferred is stored in sd or ROM for android mobile manager,

When transferring data to computers from phones, the Samsung galaxy and note owners have more other choices than us. I would suggest you to install kies air in your PC which will automatically install all the required drivers. Once installed it will automatically sync and backup all your data to your personal computer that you need to connect and sync. But there is one point we must pay attention to, that is, kies air is a mobile application supporting WLAN devices and browser-based management. By Kies Air, one could synchronize multimedia files between mobile phones and computers, it allows us to even watch call records, web favorites, or directly send text messages to friends on the computer. It’s an application in similar with the third party software AndroRemoteDesktop in function. But it can not export data from the phone memory. It can only transfer files from SD card or USB storage. So when transferring contacts from phones to computers, this method doesn’t work since the contacts are stored in ROM not SD or USB.

Well, it is highly recommend trying Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager, you may not be alien with the software. It’s the excusive tool for Samsung mobile in transmission software such as contacts, messages, pictures, music, just like apple’s iTunes. With it, you can easily extract all data from your Samsung phone and save on computer as a readable format, and freely edit contacts, message in the program and synchronize with your phone.

Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

User Guide: How to Backup Samsung Contacts to Computer

1Connect Samsung Device to Computer, Run the Program

First, you should ensure your Android device can be able to correctly connect to your computer with USB cable. Then install and run the program, then you need to enable your device into USB debugging mode, We take Windows version as the example.

Note: Enable USB debugging. The steps for different Android vary, follow the instruction correctly shown on the software screen.

Install the program

2Automatically Install USB Driver on Your Computer

There is no need to root your Android phone, but you have to install USB driver on your computer so that the program can scan and read your phone's memory, SIM card, and SD card. At this step, the program will automatically download and install the USB driver from Vibosoft official site, please be patient!

Note: Click “Allow” on your Android device to allow the program super user authorization when an app Superuser Request pops up.

install USB drive

3Analyze Your Device and Preview Samsung Contacts

This program can analyze all the data stored in the phone's memory, SIM and SD card, all of your files will be organized in a tree structure with details. You can preview the Contacts and the corresponding number. To save or export the contacts, you can either save individual messages or a group of contacts from your phone in the program, then click the "Export" button to start to export.

Write in the End:

As far as many people’s concerned, the first step to export Samsung mobile phone contacts is to install Vibosoft Android Manager on your computer. After connecting the mobile phone and computer connection, then open the program, and make sure that your computer can surf the Internet and select the contacts you want to transferred to computer. Since it’s so convenient.

Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager is an application aimed at transfer files inside android mobile phone, there is no diffidence whether the data transferred is stored in sd or ROM for android mobile manager, you can easily export your contacts from Samsung galaxy or note to computer pleasantly with a perfect result!

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