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Transfer Text Messages from Android Phone to Computer

Nov 18, 2012 18:27 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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Although Android constantly strives to improve their products and make sure to provide the highest level of software service, but never seem to leave some regrets, we know Android does a great job of migrating your data, but it is till a portable device at heart, and it cannot do almost as much as computer. When you realize there are large number of valuable message nee to be made a copy, you probably think of transferring your text message to computer, since Android phone does not provide such software service, therefore, it's pretty difficult for users who need to save phone's SMS to computer, but there are also feasible solution out there, to help you understand it better, It is important to understand how Android phone save data.

Why Can't I Export Messages from Android Cell Phone to Computer

In fact, there are a significant number of people may well misinterpret that all files were stored in phone's SD card, this isn't the case, there are two storage spaces available for Android phone to store system program and multi-media file, one is phone's own memory, the other is external memory card. Like iOS deice, Android phone uses the Phone Memory (ROM) to store all text messages, all received messages will be automatically and directly stored into Phone Memory, when the capacity of the text message reached a certain degree, it will prompt that capacity of inbox is full. In fact, it works in the same way like hard drive storage does. We know the files stored in the phone's SD can be easily moved into computer with no hassle, but the message is easier said than done as it was stored in phone's memory,

You need professional program to do this job. Vibosoft Mobile Manager Windows version is no doubt your best choice, it possesses perfect data management system and strong data extracting ability, it can give you full ability to manage your android files and extract text message from phone to PC, export contacts, photos, music, apps, and install app and more... really improved the efficiency of data management.

Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

Steps: How to Copy SMS from Android Phone to Computer Windows 7/8

1Connect Phone to Computer and Run the Program

First, connect the data cable for your Android phone to an empty USB port on computer and wait a few seconds for Windows to configure your device as a removable storage device, you have to install a phone driver for it. Then install and run the program, you will see the main interface with some parameter information, such as: phone model, system version and storage space size.

Note: Then enable USB debugging. Before scanning, you should enable USB debugging. The steps for different Android vary, so follow the instruction correctly shown on the software screen.

Install the program

2Automatically Install USB Drive

No need to root your Samsung device, but the program need to install USB drive, Connect your device to computer and make sure network is OK. The program will automatically install USB drive within seconds.

install USB drive

Note: Click “Allow” on your Android device to allow the program super user authorization when an app Superuser Request pops up.

3Ready to Scan and Real- time Preview Text Message

This program not only can manage your SD storage card, but also manage phone's memory, it can scan phone's memory directly and identify all message file formats, it will a few seconds to scan all text messages and all messages will be organized in a tree structure with details. You can preview it in real time, (transmission time, and sender).

preview text messages

Note: You can directly send message to from this program to your friend's phone, easily and quickly.

4Custom Output Path and Start to Export

You can select a save location or retain the default settings, If you selectively export the message in the "Inbox" or "Outbox" or all message. Select the "All SMS" on the left panel and press "Backup" button on the top, It will ask you to specify a output location, then start exporting...

After a while, all of your text message will be moved into your computer and stored as. CSV format, it is suitable for printing. After several experiments, the whole process can be finished within seconds without hurting your phone, the corresponding driver module and buffer module are appended in the route of data flow to avoid data conflict and ensure data integrality. This Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager tool remains absolutely safe, secure and effective, does a excellent job in transferring messages from mobile phone to computer windows 7/8, it won't modify your original data, won't cause any data loss, just give it a try!

Key Features:

1. Freely export all files from Android phone to your computer without any loss.

2. Allow you to easily manage files on computer like: text message, contacts, photos, apps, etc.

3. Directly send the message from computer to other's cell phone.

4. Help you send group messages easily and quickly on computer.

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