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How to Print Out Text Messages from HTC Cell Phone

Nov 12, 2013 19:27 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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Over the past few years, an increasing number of phone users have become text message users. They tend to use text messages to keep contact with others more often than make phone calls due to the fact that these messages can still be sent to phones even when phones are power-off. But phone calls require that phones have to be on and can’t solve the problem when the other person’s busy or it’s not an appropriate time to talk at the moment.

Why and How can I Print SMS from HTC Phone

As text messages are so popular, phone users will certainly have lots of them on their phone, including some very important ones. What if the messages are lost because of various reasons? The information within will be missing. That’s a really big problem, especially when you’re talking with your customers, superiors, teachers, or friends, and haven’t saved their numbers or something they told you, or you might have deleted them mistakenly. You’ll surely be regretful for not making backups of your messages. In this case, if you can print them out, that’ll be of great help.

Printing text messages from HTC is unlike make copies of them on SD cards or saving them in the computers. Because both of the latter two take up a certain amount of space, while printing them out takes no space at all. In addition, you can take the hard copies with you wherever you go. It’s also convenient for you to read if you keep them in some place. Printing text messages is very easy to operate. You must extract text messages from HTC to your local hard drive, here it is highly recommend using Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager program. If there isn’t enough space in your phone or your SD card, it helps to clear some space by printing out the messages and spare the space originally occupied by them. This way you’ll have no worry about the capacity of your other files, programs, or applications.

Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

Steps to Print Off Text Messages from HTC (Desire, Evo,Hero,Inspire .etc.)

1Connect HTC to PC, and Enable USB Debugging

You should first connect your HTC device to your personal computer (Windows system), then install the program on your computer and follow the instructions on the interface to enable USB debugging for making sure your device can be detected by the program.

Note: Enable USB debugging and continue

Install the program

2Automatically Install USB Driver on Your Computer

In the step, the USB driver need be installed on your computer so that the program can detect your HTC device. It will automatically download and install the USB driver from Vibosoft official site, so make sure the network is open.

install USB drive

Note: Click “Allow” on your HTC device to allow the program super user authorization when an Superuser Request pops up.

3Analyze and Scan Android Device

After a driver is installed, you can disconnect and reconnect the device without installing USB driver again. At this time, the program will analyze and read the data of your HTC device.

main panel

4Preview SMS and Start to Export Selectively:

In this step, it will read all the data stored in the phone's memory, SIM and SD card, all the data inside your HTC device will be organized in a tree structure with details. Such as apps, music, photos, contacts, books, tasks, sms. Just click the "Contacts" button; you will see the text messages, contacts. You can export all SMS by select "All SMS" or "Inbox". All the selected messages will be saved on your computer as .XLS format; you can easily edit them and print them.

preview text messages

Note: You can directly send messages from PC to other's phone in the program.

Write in the End: (HTC Phone)

With sixteen years’ development after it was first established in 1997, High-Tech Computer Corporation (HTC) has gone a long way as a mobile device manufacturer, especially in producing mobile phones. Nowadays you can see people using different kinds of mobile phones of different big brands everywhere around you. HTC is surely one of them, and turns out to be many phone users’ favorite brand. Unlike Apple, Samsung, LG, and other foreign brands, HTC is a Taiwanese one preferred by plenty of Chinese people. If you’re a Chinese who’s in support of domestic products, you may have a HTC mobile phone, which’s considered as both multifunctional and helpful.

Why is Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager? After many updates, it was the first full-flegged Android mobile assistant program that had the most perfect Data Extraction technique, improved comfort and reliability, You can connect to an Android device to read and extract almost any information for backup. Now, Vibosoft Android Manager program can fully support all android devices and HTC Series: HTC Desire, Evo, Hero, Inspire, Incredible, Thunderbolt, Hd7, Aria.

Core Functions of the Program:

1. It can extract everything from Android device to local hard drive and read it without any limitation.

2. You’re allowed to edit, add, delete your contacts, number, messages through computer and automatically sync to your Android phone, very convenient!

3. Directly install and uninstall phone's apps through computer and automatically sync to your Android phone.

4. Directly send text messages from PC to other's phone.

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