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How to Export Contacts from Android Phone to CSV or XLS

Nov 11, 2013 18:27 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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It cannot be denied that fewer and fewer people can live a life without mobile phones and they have successfully become indispensable living products of our lives. For part of fashionistas, owing several mobiles is quite normal. Due to the need of work, a certain number of businessmen also equip themselves with at least one mobile phone and android phones are nearly their first choice when selecting phones. Now it is an era of smart phones and mobile phone contacts in the address book is getting more and more crowded. Imagine this: one of your android phones gets lost one day and you don’t make any backup, how can you tackle it when you need to get all your contacts back? Is there any possibility to transfer contacts from cell phone (Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola) to Excel (CSV or SXL)?

Why and How can I Copy Android Contacts to Excel?

Almost every people who have a little understanding of excel may have a concept that excel is a powerful tool to make graphics, charts and process data but tons of people neglect one vital point because they would never associate it with mobile contacts.

As we all know, when we need to transfer files stored in your mobile phone to your computer, what we need are just a data cable and a computer. And what about explore contacts on your computer? Is it the same and as easy as transferring files? Well, on this basis we only need to add special software to make it. Large quantities of free applications online are available to export contacts and text messages to computer. Nevertheless, a lot of people are complaining about why the contacts exported can only exist in the form of web pages and text format, when we ask to use excel export, the system will prompt "export failure, the file you want to have it exported is open, please close it and export it again”. Many mobile managers have access to exporting android contacts into vcard format, if we like to have the excel format, we have to convert vcard to excel. It is quite inconvenient, right? For some other irresponsible software, once exporting yor contacts into excel on computer, digital gibberish would automatically shape and your contacts must fail to accomplish the export.

You need professional program to do this job. Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager Windows version is no doubt your best assistant when you like to export phone's contact into excel format. It is a professional tool outdoing such above mentioned software to help export contacts to excel accurately. In addition to contacts, you're allowed to export all files from phone your personal computer for backup:like: SMS, app, photos, songs, videos and more...

Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

User Guide: How to Save Contacts from Android Phone CSV or XLS

1Connect Android Device to PC and Run the Program

First all of, you must connect your Android device to your PC using the supplied USB cable. Open the notifications panel and touch USB connected. Install and run the program on your Windows computer,

Note: Then enable USB debugging. Before scanning, you should enable USB debugging. The steps for different Android vary, so follow the instruction correctly shown on the software screen.

Install the program

2Install USB Drive on PC Automatically

This is a very safe way to install USB driver, there is no need to root your Android device and doesn't harm to your device. It will download and install USB driver automatically from Vibosoft Official Site. Connect your device to computer and make sure network is OK. This step will be finished within seconds.

install USB drive

Note: Click "Allow" on your Android device to allow the program super user authorization when an app Superuser Request pops up.

3Preview Contacts and Start to Export

This program will deeply scan phone's memory, SIM and SD card and identify all files that stored in your phone; it takes a few seconds to scan all files and organized in a tree structure with details. For Contacts, just click the "Contacts" button on the top of the panel. All the contacts will be listed with corresponding phone number. Just click the "Name" to select all and click the "Export" button to export to your local hard drive.

Note: You can directly send message to from this program to your friend's phone, easily and quickly.

Write in the End:

The representative android mobiles such as Samsung, HTC,and LG are widely accepted by the medium and from time to time they have the need to export contacts into excel. Now the group internal cornet is so popular these days, when we input the contacts of their mobile phone number and the cornet in excel, both the cornet and phone number calls can display the name of the contact after exporting and importing the excel into android phone.

If some data is important to you, then we will need to use Vibosoft Android Manager to backup phone information, including mobile phones contacts, messages, email and applications to our computer

Key Features:

1. Freely export all files from Android phone to your computer without any loss.

2. Allow you to easily manage files on computer like: text message, contacts, photos, apps, etc.

3. Directly send the message from computer to other's cell phone.

4. Help you send group messages easily and quickly on computer.

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