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Useful Tips to Quickly Speed up Android Phones

Sept 09, 2015 10:30 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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After using your Android mobile phone for a long time, almost all Android mobile users will face such an unpleasant situation: when you are eager to open an app for some purpose, you will have to wait for a few while until your passion is gone. Feel crazy at this time? Want to drop your phone away? Take it easy! After reading through this article, you will know how to boost your Android phones in a fast way.

First of all, do you know why your mobile phone runs slower and slower? Generally speaking, less storage of your phone, background running of some applications and poor internet connection are the main reasons which contribute to such situation. Now, you can follow the below instructions to eliminate the root causes one by one.

Tip 1. Delete Unnecessary Apps from Your Phone

Since the storage of the internal memory is limited, so many files stored in the phone will occupy too much space and naturally slow the speed of Android mobile phones. More importantly, some unwanted applications will run in the background even you close them. Therefore, deleting some unwanted app's can not only create abundant space to save new app's, but also help speed up your Android phones.

Note: Some unwanted apps are pre-installed in your mobile phone by the carriers. You are unable to uninstall these applications unless you have root permission. In this case, you should root your Android phone first. (See here how to root your Android mobile phones.)

Tip 2. Clean up Junk Files from Android Phone

Junk files arise when you are playing games, installing new apps, watch videos and so on. Junk files, caches, internet histories and etc will take up valuable storage space in your mobile phone. It is quite necessary to clean up junk files at regular times. If you want to quickly erase these annoying junk files from your Android phones, you can rely on professional cleaner to help you clean up these junk files thoroughly, such as Vibosoft FoneClean for Android. With this software, you just need a few clicks to say goodbye to those unpleasant junk files and enjoy the fast speed of your mobile phone.

Tip 3. Backup Files from Android to Computer

With time passing by, you are sure to have stored plentiful files in your Android phone, such as important contacts and messages, meaningful photos and home-made videos. These files will certainly occupy too much space in your phone but you are reluctant to delete them. Under such circumstance, the best way is to transfer your files such as videos and photos from your Android phone to computer, so you can backup files on the computer in case of data loss, and delete some files to free up more space so as to boost your Android device. (See here to know how to backup Android files to computer.)

Tip 4. Update Software to the Latest Version

Generally speaking, softwares keeps being updated with more advanced functions equipped. The newest software is more powerful and advanced, which can help you better manage your mobile phone. Henceforth, you can download the latest version without any hesitation. For software update, just enter the Settings>About Device, and then follow the corresponding steps in the interface.

The tips mentioned above are quite useful and practical. But after trying all tips, your Android mobile phone is still slow. Then perhaps you need to consider buying a new mobile phone, either Android phone or iPhone. You may need to transfer data from your old phone to the new Android phone or transfer files from your old Android phone to iPhone.

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