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How Can I Erase Text Messages from Android Phone

Dec 04, 2014 13:57 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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After buying a new iPhone 6, I planned to give my Android phone that I used previously to my mom. Now I tried to delete text messages before giving away, because I didn't want them to be seen by others. Can you help me?

Many people hold an opinion that they can totally prevent files from being leaked out after clicking the "Delete" buttons on the mobile phone. In fact, deleted data can be easily recovered with data recovery software, even if you lose them after system crashes, virus infection, flashing the ROM or resetting the phone back to factory settings, and so on. Thus, if you want your text messages to be unrecoverable by any tools, you should erase them from Android phone permanently with a professional erasing program.

Frankly speaking, no matter you are going to sell, recycle or donate mobile phone, it is pretty necessary to erase data before that. So as to protect your privacy from been taken advantaged of by wicked people. Then Vibosoft Android Messages Eraser must be your best choice to thoroughly remove SMS messages on Android mobile phone. As a matter of fact, this software enables you to choose erasing mode according to your own needs by providing you with two different modes: Erase all existed data on mobile phone or only wipe deleted data that still stay on the phone's memory. Whichever you select, all data can't be restored forever as long as they are erased by this program.

In summary, if you want to remove text messages, photos, videos, contacts, call logs or more from your Android device, this Android Messages Eraser must be the best solution. By the way, if you only need to wipe messages, you can delete them on your phone first. Then work this software and choose the "Erase deleted data" mode, deleted text messages will be erased completely.

Want to know more features of this program? Here are free trial versions. Just download one and act as the following tutorial to have a try.

Android Data Eraser

Android Data Eraser is a professional tool to help you permanently erase the whole data from Android devices before you sell, recycle or donate it.

User Guide: How to Wipe off Messages from Android Mobile Phone

1Connect Android Phone to the Computer

After you install and operate this program on your PC, please link your Android device to the computer via a USB cable. After getting your phone detected, you can select the erasing mode. Just decide to erase all existed data on your phone or only erase deleted data that still stay on your phone's memory.

2Erase Android Messages with One-hit

To be honest, this Android Messages Eraser program is indeed easy to use. After choosing the erasing mode, you can directly click the "Erase Now" button to start removing. It will take some time to complete the process depending on how much data you need to erase. Please be a little patient.

Write in the End:

Apart from the above features that I have mentioned, Vibosoft Android Messages Eraser can be compatible with all Android phones, including Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, HTC, HUAWEI, etc. Are you looking for ways to erase data on your Android smart phone? If so, you can't miss it.

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