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Best Tool to Export Android Contacts to CSV

Jun 05,2015 15:06 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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Mobile phones, especially Android smart phones nowadays, have become necessary gadgets for people to stay in touch with their business associates, clients, family and friends. If you want to back up your contacts list or if your contacts list is growing rapidly so you need to move some of your contacts elsewhere, then you can export Android contacts to CSV quite conveniently.

How to Export Contacts from an Android Smart Phone to CSV?

For future, the best advice that can be offered is to ensure that you always create Google contacts on your Android smart phone. This is important because Google contacts can be managed from within a Google account. This way, those contacts can be arranged, categorized, deleted and/or edited quite convenient in the future.

However, if you already have non-Google contacts on your Android handset, then you will have to convert and export them in the form of a CSV file to your SD card. That CSV file can be later imported into Google.

Step 1: To export your contacts, you will need to download a free app from the Android Market known as "UiA - Backup Contacts" and then install it on your Android handset. 

Step 2: Once the app has been installed, it will be listed in the Application drawer of your Android smart phone, labeled "Backup Contacts".

Step 3: Agree to the license after tapping on that application so that the main window becomes visible. There will be several options to choose from there, including "Backup Now" and "View Your CSV Contact List".

When you use "Backup Contacts" to export your contacts, the CSV file will get stored on the root of your micro SD card. The name of the CSV file stored on your memory card will be "Backup.Contacts.CURRENT_DATE.csv." and the current date will likely be the date on which that CSV file was created. The CSV file can then be transferred to a computer or can be directly uploaded in Google account contacts.

Keep in mind that the contacts on your Android handset will not be converted into Google contacts, so your contacts might ultimately contain some duplicate entries. Once the contacts have been secured in a Google account, they can be deleted on the phone.

How to Export Google Contacts from an Android Smart Phone to CSV?

If you already have Google contacts on your Android smart phone, then you can export them as a CSV file directly from your computer.

Step 1: Launch an Internet browser from your computer and then visit the Gmail website.

Step 2: Enter the username and password of your Gmail account in order to sign in.

Step 3: From the Gmail dropdown menu at the upper left, click "Contacts" and "More" and finally click "Export".

Step 4: You can choose whether you want to export "All Contacts" or contacts from a certain "Group" such as "Family" or "My Contacts".

Step 5: Finally, before clicking "Export", choose between the "Google CSV", "Outlook CSV" or "vCard" formats.

Thus, these were the two basic methods to export Android contacts to CSV, depending on whether or not you have stored Google Contacts on your Android handset. If you would rather not go through the above steps, you can always make the process more convenient by using third-party applications or programs. Here we'd like to recommend one of the best programs for your reference - Vibosoft Android Contacts Manager. With it, you can export Android contacts to CSV easily.

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User Guide to Transfer Contacts from Android to PC/Mac

1Connect Your Android Phone to PC

At first, connect your Android phone to computer via a USB cable. Then you need to follow the instructions to enable USB debugging on you phone when you operate this program on your computer for the first time. It will recognize your Android device successfully. After detecting your mobile phone, this program will install USB driver on PC automatically.

Install the program

2Scan and Preview the Data

When the program stops scanning your Android phone, the whole data will be displayed on the interface like this. Then you can choose to preview the file briefly.

main panel

3Export Android Contacts to CSV

Now you can click "Contacts" and "All contacts" on the interface. Then you can see all contacts are listed one by one with name, phone number, message number, etc. You can tick the contacts and export them by clicking the "Export" button.

Besides, the software can let you export other files like SMS, apps, videos, music, photos and books, etc between Android phone and computer. Download this Vibosoft Android Contacts Manager and you can manage the data on your Android phone better.

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