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Top 5 Free Music Download Apps for Android

June 20, 2016 16:28 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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Generally speaking, the in-built music apps of Android phones always have this or that kind of limitations. Therefore, quite a few mobile users would look for a better music app for their Android phones so as to freely enjoy music songs as they wanted and likded! Today, this passage tells you top 5 music download apps for Android phones. Now, let's have a look at of the below Android music Apps one by one!

Best Android Music Apps - Freely Enjoy Lyrical Songs

1. SoundCloud

This SoundCloud music apps is welcomed by millions of people to listen to music and audio for free. This music app is a collection of various music songs. With it, you are able to discover the new and trending music songs; you can listen to your favorite tracks and artists from a variety of genres, countries, and artists as desired; you can easily pause or skip tracks from a lock screen as liked. Most importantly, this software totally frees you from being disturbed by annoying advertisements!

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2. Google Paly Music

As a powerful music app warmly accepted by various mobile users, this application allows you to freely download and enjoy music songs on your Android device. This app stores up to 50,000 songs from your personal music collection, so you are able to discover and subscribe music songs that suit your taste of any genre or from any artist. And subscriptions come with membership to YouTube Red, so you can enjoy YouTube ad-free, in the background, and offline.

android music apps

3. 4 Shared

As a fantastic app for finding any music songs, be it classic, out-of-copyright or relatively unknown, this 4 Shared application boasts of a library of enormous free music songs. This app allows you to search the database to get the music that's to your taste. Then you are free to download the wanted music songs to your phone as liked. And the downloaded music songs will be automatically added to the 15GB cloud folder, so you can listen to them even if you are offline!

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4. Tube MP3 Music Player

This is another excellent music apps for Android, which allows you to enjoy as many lyrical songs as you wanted. With this application, you are free to browse and play the songs by title, albums, artists, genres, songs, playlists, folders, and album artists. Also, you can create your own playlists and add songs to it. More importantly, the sleep timer feature enables you to set the time you want to stop music player, so you won't need to worry that it may play overnight if you fall asleep when listenning to the music songs.

android music apps

5. Anghami

Anghami is the one of the best ways to play & discover free music songs you love, right on your mobile or tablet! With this application, you can watch exclusive music videos as needed and wanted. Also, you are free to find the wanted music songs by any artist, from a library of millions of Arabic and international songs. Whenever new songs are released, you can get informed of the newes instantly they are available for downloads. When you want to share the beautiful songs with your friends, just share it via Twitter, Instagram and many more. All can be easily done within this single application.

android music apps

Now, you are free to get any Android music apps as you wanted and liked to download music songs to your Android phones without any hassle and enjoy the lyrical songs as desired!

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