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How to Recover Deleted Contacts from LG Phone

Dec 25,2013 11:22 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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It is hard to find one without a cellphone at present. With the development of cellphone technologies, various types of cellphone products have been launched. Whatever, my favorite has always been LG. I love it for its good quality and rich functions as well as its conveniences for using. But I am a so careless person that I used to make some mistakes frequently which wouldn't have happened if I had been more careful. Anyway, I believe that such kind of mistake can disturb many other people, too. I recall that one of the most foolish mistakes I have made in using my LG cellphone was when I accidentally deleted all my contacts stored in it. You can imagine how mad I was then. Those contacts are so important. I really didn't know what to do, so I asked for help from my buddy Mike. And it was lucky enough for me to have done that. He gave me a perfect solution!

Best Solution of Restoring LG Deleted Contacts

With the help of Mike, I came to know Vibosoft Android Contacts Recovery. I did as Mike told me step by step and in the end all my deleted contacts came back to me! I was both surprised and happy. I asked Mike why this little thing is so marvelous. And after his explanation, I totally understood the secret about this magic software.

Once wrong deletion happens, the data for contacts are to be seen nowhere, people will feel for sure that all data have been totally lost. But that is not true, as those data will still stay without any trace in their old position. If a software can detect them from the tracks of the storage memory, the data will be easily found. And this is why Vibosoft LG Contacts Recovery has the capacity to recover my lost precious contacts.

DR. Mobile for Android

DR. Mobile for Android is professional data recovery software. It allows you to recover lost/ deleted files on Android smart phones and tablets.

Something else to remember: once you have accidentally deleted your contacts, please don't make any new contents into the storage memory. This is important. Otherwise, your old deleted data will be covered by new ones, leaving you no hope to get your old ones back again.

Guide: How to Restore Contacts from LG Optimus/Rumor/Optimus/Thrill

1Download the Program and Connect Your LG to Computer

Download and install this program on PC, then double click to open it. Link your LG device to computer via a USB cable, and then you can get an interface as follows. According to the following menu, you need to enable USB debugging after connecting your device to PC.


2Root Your Android Phone

According to the above menu, you should make sure you've got ROOT access to your Android phone. That's because this program will not be able to detect your LG phone without a ROOT permission. If you don't know how to root your Android device, you can click here to have a look.

3Scan Your Device and Prepare to Recover Lost Contacts

Once you've got ROOT access on your LG, this program will detect your device and scan phone data automatically. Then you can get an menu as below. Enter the "Contacts" folder, you can preview all contacts displayed with name, phone number, company, etc. As you can see that there is a choice box in front of each name, choose your needed contacts and press "Recovery", then you can get all lost contacts back within minutes.

preview messages

Write in the End

As you know, contacts are stored in either phone memory or SIM card, and they can not be retrieved when lost no matter previously stored in the phone's memory or SIM card memory with the card recovery people normally know.As a new high-tech cellphone related product, Vibosoft LG Contacts Recovery is concentrating on helping people retrieve their wrongly deleted contacts from LG phone Cosmos/Rumor/Touch/Optimus/Thrill/Viper/Ally.

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