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Transfer Text Messages, Contacts from LG Phone to Computer

Nov 24,2013 17:52 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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Why Are Copies So Important?

You may have been caught in such trouble as many other users: you lost some extremely important data on your phone, for instance, your text messages with your loved ones or your boss, it was probably because your phone was stolen when you were window shopping, it fell down to the ground and went broken, or you accidentally dropped it to the toilet. I’m sure you have been absolutely upset and wished you had a copy of the messages, so you need to transfer text messages or Contacts from LG to PC for backup.

Why are copies so important? First, contacts and text messages themselves are important, as they’re more private than phone calls (you may be heard by people around you when making a call), more convenient than emails or Instant Messenger, and most helpful for people with hearing or speaking problems. Additionally, even if a phone is turned off, you can still send text messages to it, for the messages will be saved in the short message service center. Once the phone is turned on or enters the service area, it will receive them. If they aren’t deleted, they’ll be saved in your SIM card. But if your phone is stolen, your SIM card is damaged, or if you delete the messages by mistake, you’ll never get them back, and all the data will be lost. In this case, you need a safer place to store them, which will soon be introduced here.

Backup LG Messages, Contacts to Your Personal Computer

Both contacts and text messages are stored in ROM. But RO (Read Only) is just for programs, for these two, which are files, can also be modified. When you want to transfer data, usually to a new phone, you often choose to copy them to the SD or SIM card. The former is the external saving space for a mobile phone, and the latter is a user identity card recording users’ important data and information. However, if we lose the cards, like when we lose our phones, the data will as well be gone. Thus, in order to prevent them from missing, you need to back them up by transferring them to what we mentioned as a safer place to store, which’s the computer.

Although you can write down all those important data on paper in case of losing them, or you can copy them to the cards, there’s a more useful tool to help you handle them - Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager. It can help you transfer all kinds of data from LG to the desktop, not only text messages, but also contacts, photos, videos, music and many other data. Besides, it can conduct deep-scanning of your phone’s database and extract the corresponding data for you. Why not have a try at this helpful and easily operated manager? I bet you’ll love it as soon as you use it!

You can Get the Free Trial Here:

Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

User Guide: How to Copy Text Messages, Contacts from LG to Computer

1Connect LG to PC, Run the Program and Enable USB Debugging

This article will take Windows version as an example. First, make sure you've connected your LG device to a PC using an USB cable, then free download the program, install and run it on your PC.

Note: You need to enable USB debugging, then it can be able to scan and read the data. Look at the following screenshot: Enable USB debugging and continue

Install the program

2Install USB Driver Automatically

The first time you connect your LG device that plugs into a universal serial bus (USB) port, the program will install a USB driver for your LG device automatically. After a driver is installed, you can disconnect and reconnect the device without installing USB driver again. It will take a few seconds to install the USB driver, so be patient!

install USB drive

Note: An alert message will pop up in your Phone, and Click “Allow” on your Android device to allow the program super user authorization.

3Start to Analyze and Read the Data in the Memory, SIM and SD

Once the USB driver installed successfully. The program will instantly read data in the phone's memory, SIM and SD card. You can click the "Apps", "photos", "File" or "Contacts", at the top of the panel, all the data inside your LG phone will be organized in a tree structure with details.

Note: Preview the LG Contacts and Start to Export.

4Preview and Start to Export Messages Selectively:

To preview text messages, just click the "Contacts" button at the top of the panel, all the contacts will be displayed in a tree structure with details. You can Export all SMS by select the "SMS" folder on the left and click the "Export" button to export to your local hard disk.

preview text messages

Note: You can modify contacts, add new contacts and directly send messages from PC to other's phone in the program.

Write in the End:

With thirty-one research centers set up worldwide and a large expenditure on research and development, Lucky Goldstars (LG)’s mobile phones have gained popularity and won thousands of users across countries in recent years, for it is multifunctional and fashionable, as well as convenient and portable. LG has been making efforts to develop close relationships with its customers and meet their needs. Phone users of this brand are now able to do a greater number of things with its phones of various styles.

Try Vibosoft Android Manager Program, it's now able to fully support all android devices and meet the different needs. For LG phone, this program supports all modes: LG EnV3, G2, Optimus, Octane, Cosmos, Dare, Rumor touch, Vu, Accolade .etc.

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