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How to Transfer Data from BlackBerry to BlackBerry ?

May. 20, 2015 15:31 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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If you are wondering how to transfer data from one BlackBerry device to another, there is a chance that you have just switched to a new BlackBerry 10 device. Even if you have switched from one of the older BlackBerry models to a more recent one, it is unlikely that you will have to start over on downloading all the data once again to your new BlackBerry smart phone.

Use the BlackBerry Link to Transfer Data between BlackBerry Devices

As long as you have a computer, there is a wide range of data and settings, such as browser bookmarks, media files, phone history, etc., to a new BlackBerry device using BlackBerry Link.

Step 1: You will need the correct USB cable to transfer data from your previous BlackBerry smart phone to the current one. Data like bookmarks, calendar items, contacts, documents, music, photos, text messages, and more can be transferred with BlackBerry Link.

Step 2: To begin copying data from your previous BlackBerry smart phone, you will have to click "Transfer Device Data."

Step 3: Once your data has been copied, you can disconnect your previous BlackBerry device and connect your current BlackBerry smart phone to your PC using the correct USB cable.

Step 4: After clicking on the model number of the connected BlackBerry device, you will have to click "Next." As a result, BlackBerry Link will begin transferring your data to the connect BlackBerry smart phone.

Note: In order to be able to use BlackBerry Link on your computer to transfer data between two BlackBerry devices, the BlackBerry device software on your devices should be beyond version 5.0.

Transfer Data to A BlackBerry 10 Smart Phone Using BlackBerry's Device Switch App

BlackBerry introduced the Device Switch app back in 2013 as an alternative to use a computer and software. However, the BlackBerry OS of your device must be between versions 5 and 7 in order to be able to use the Device Switch app. In the past, the Device Switch app was already available for Android and iPhone users who wanted to transfer their data to a BlackBerry 10 device, but now it is possible to do the same from existing older BlackBerry smart phones too.

The Device Switch app can be downloaded from the BlackBerry World storefront for free. Once installed on the two BlackBerry smart phones, both devices will have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network, which will make it possible to transfer data.

According to BlackBerry, using the Device Switch app is a hassle-free, prompt and rapid means of transferring data from BlackBerry to BlackBerry. However, it may not exactly prove to be a foolproof method.

For whatever reason, there is a possibility that both or either of the above methods of transferring data from an older BlackBerry smart phone to the latest one may not prove to be effective. Fortunately, if you search long enough, you will come across several useful software programs that will it far more convenient to transfer data from BlackBerry to BlackBerry. Here we have chosen one of the best programs for you - Vibosoft Mobile Transfer. It allows you to transfer data from BlackBerry to BlackBerry in one click. Now you can down get the free trial version to start the data transfer between BlackBerry smart phones.

Mobile Transfer

Mobile Transfer helps users freely share photos, videos, contacts, messages, call logs and more between any two smart mobile devices.

Guide to Transfer Data between BlackBerry Smart Phones

1Launch the Phone to Phone Transfer Program

First of all, launch the program on your computer. Then connect the BlackBerry smart phones to the computer via USB cables and select the "Phone to Phone Transfer" feature. After getting your devices detected by the program, it will display your smart phones in the source and destination places in random. You can hit the "Flip" icon to switch their positions if they are not in the wanted areas.

2How to Transfer Data from BlackBerry to BlackBerry

Now you can see the files are in the middle of the menu. You can tick the data such as contacts, text messages, photos, videos and music and then click the "Start Copy" button to start the transferring process. This whole procedure will take a few seconds. Please be sure that your devices are connected with the computer all the time.

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