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Farewell! Annoying Corrupted Media Files!

Oct. 14, 2015 14:50 pm / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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Corrupted files are files that no longer work properly. These can vary from files that you use regularly (such as pictures that you've imported from a digital camera) to system or program files that work behind the scenes. Most corrupted files can't be repaired and you should delete or replace them. This passage will tell you how to delete the unwanted corrupted media files from iOS device, taking iPad as example.

* How Do Corrupted Media Files Arise?

* Why Should I Delete These Files?

* How Can I Clear Corrupted Media Files from iPad?

How Do Corrupted Media Files Arise?

1. Virus attack. If the antivirus application of your iPad is out of service, your iPad may be vulnerable to virus attack. And the media files on your iPad may be corrupted. To guard against this situation, you are suggested to update your antivirus application timely.

2. Improper iPad operation. For example, if you turn off your iPad improperly, media files may be corrupted. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the regularized steps to turn off your iPad, so as to eliminate the possibility of saving more and more corrupted media files on iPad.

3. Abrupt power failure. When you are making important updates or transferring files to other devices, make sure that you have fully charged your device. Or otherwise, corrupted media files will possibly be created and stored in your iPad.

Why Should I Delete Corrupted Media Files?

Reason 1: Corrupted files have no use at all. Theses files will eat up much space on your iPad, Since the storage on iPad is quite limited, don't you think it is quite necessary to delete the unnecessary files to save more useful files on your iPad?

Reason 2: Apart from occupying storage, too much corrupted media files will lead to the failure of deleting some files from iPad or the failure of operate some iOS applications properly.

Generally speaking, the corrupted media files will disturb the normal function of your iPad. After deleting these files, you can greatly speed up iPad device and save more space on your iPad. Taking all things into consideration, you are suggested to clean the corrupted junk files at regular times.

How Can I Clear Corrupted Media Files from iPad?

As to the best way to clear corrupted media files from iPad, you are advised to try the professional cleaning software - Vibosoft iOS Data Cleaner(Mac), which is specially designed for iOS users to clean up unwanted files from iPad. With this software, you can easily&safely clear corrupted media files from iPad within a few simple clicks. As to the detailed steps to use this software to clean corrupted media files from iPad, you can follow the below instructions as introduced below.

Step 1. Download the software by clicking the below button. Make sure that you have downloaded the right version of this software, or otherwise it will fail to delete corrupted media files from your iPad.



Step 2. Open the installed software on the computer with double clicks. Then connect your iPad to the computer via the USB cord. You may see the below interface.

Step 3. After clicking the "Quick Clean" option on the main interface. You will see the below interface. Then choose the file folder as needed and click the "Start Scan" option to continue.

Step 4. After choosing the files you want to clean from iPhone, you can click the "Clean" option to begin the cleaning process.

Write in the End:

Apart from the software mentioned above, you can also rely on Vibosoft FoneEraser to wipe out the unwanted files such as corrupted media files from your iOS device. As to Andorid devices, Vibosoft FoneEraser for Android is also available for your free trial. Deleting the unnecessary files like corrupted media files, app cookies, and other caches can boost the performance of your device.

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