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How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone or Backup

Nov 18,2012 18:27 pm / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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Quick Start: Two Recovery Modes:

Mode 1: Directly recover photos from iPhone 4/4s/5/6 (without backup)

Mode 2: Extract iPhone photos from iTunes backup (without iPhone)

iPhone Camera Makes Our Life Colorful

When it comes to Apple iPhone, It is no exaggeration to say that iPhone do play an important role in people's daily life, and it is now becoming almost as common as regular mobile phones. iPhone 5 flexible camera lead us to love the colorful world we lived, which helps capture the photo-worthy moments in our life, especially for the unexpected ones. It enables you to take and share your precious photos with family, close friends or on social network sites. If you took the creative effort to take precious pictures with your iPhone, you should backup your iPhone to iTunes or computer so they will not be misplaced. But what if you deleted your Photo by accident?

What if You Deleted iPhone Photos by Accident?

Admittedly, there are a couple of factors that give rise to this problem, such as: deleted by accident, failed to jailbreak your iPhone device, upgrades to fail; iPhone was lost or stolen, and more unpredictable circumstances. With all of this in mind, it is important that you should take a conservative approach to restore deleted pictures from iPhone 4/4s/5, don't use SSD data recovery tool to restore iPhone lost photos; it won't recognize iPhone and will lead to potential damage to iPhone.

Why SSD Data Recovery Tool doesn't Work for iPhone?

Maybe not everyone knows iPhone uses the NAND Flash memory to store massive data, it is not the SSD, all files will be stored in NAND Flash memory. NAND flash memory come with a few interesting attributes. They can be programmed for only a limited amount of time before they become unreliable. This is known as the write-endurance, or program erases cycles, this is why Apple does not choose SSD for their device. So when you connect your iPhone device to computer, this SSD recovery tool will not recognize iPhone device and It is impossible to retrieve your lost data from iPhone or backup. The MacBook also doesn't use SSD; it has solid state storage (flash memory) soldered onto the motherboard, to learn more, please Google it.

2 Modes: Restore Deleted Photos from iPhone or iTunes Backup

We have covered some fundamentals about iPhone Data storage, and now let's get right to the issues, and learn. It is worth a try for Vibosoft iPhone Data Recovery for windows, which can simply recover deleted photos from iPhone 4/4S/5 or backup with fast scanning speed. It can recover all iPhone data including: contacts, text message, photos, music, video, note, call list, booksmark and more... No matter what happened to your iPhone device, it is absolutely possible to recover deleted pictures from iPhone 4/4s/5 or your previous backup file. The following steps will guide you to extract iPhone photos from backup and restore photos from iPhone directly.

You can download a trial version here


iDataRescuer is a powerful program to help users easily recover lost data from iPhone/iPad/iPod device or iTunes backup file without any loss.

Mode 1: Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone 4/4s/5 Without Backup

1Install the Program and Connect iPhone to Computer

This tutorial assumes you've already installed and successfully connect your iPhone device to your computer via USB cable. It's worth mentioning that "Vibosoft iPhone Photo Recovery" application can be run independently without installing iTunes. It has setup wizard that takes you step by step through simple process. The installing speed is very fast and you're allowed to change the default installing path.

install vibosoft iphone contacts recovery tool

2Directly Scan iPhone NAND Flash memory and Start to Recover

When you select "direct recovery mode", this program will automatically scan your iPhone device within seconds, after the scan, all lost files that stored in iPhone will be sorted in well-organized categories as photos, contacts, text message, camera roll, videos and call history. You can preview the found photos by selecting "Camera Roll" or "Photo Stream" and accurately selected the photos you need to recover. If there are thousands of photos listed in the panel, you can use “search” function to found specified photo.

select the found files

Mode 2:Extract iPhone Deleted Photos from iTunes Backup without iPhone

1Choose the iTunes Backup File and Start to Scan

This mode will be available if you backup your iPhone to iTunes before, so make sure if have synced your iPhone to iTunes before. When running the program, select "Recover from iTunes Backup File", all of your iOS backup files will be detected and listed in the panel. Click the right one to scan.

extract iPhone 4/4s/5 contacts from backup file

2Preview the Found Pictures and Recover Selectively:

It will take seconds to finish scanning; once the scan is complete, all the photos will be ordered by the date on which the photos were deleted, and all other lost files also will be listed in well-organized categories. You can preview all files such as: photos, text message, contacts, etc. then navigate to photo items in which the pictures you were stored, and choose the photos you want to restore; you can also restore all the photos at a time.

select the found files

In conclusion, no matter what happened to your iPhone, no matter you backup your iPhone or not, with the Vibosoft professional iPhone Photo Recovery program, it is still possible to retrieve deleted photos from iPhone without backup, However if you've recently sync your iPhone to iTunes, you use the second mode to extract iPhone photos from iTunes backup without iPhone device. This is really an effective method which can satisfy the different customer's requests. Now, I think you've learned this software and you can free download it, try it by yourself!

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