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Now! Get Ready to Speed up Your iPad!

Oct. 08, 2015 15:00 pm / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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After using your old iPad for several years, you may find that it begins to run slower and slower. Now, what would you do? Buy the newest iPad Pro? However, this way is just a makeshift! After all, you can't buy an new iPad whenever your old iPad is running slow. It's much too money-wasting. Fortunately, this passage will introduce several tips&tricks to help boost your iPad! This passage will tell you how to clean up junk files from iPad so as to free up more space, update to the latest iOS 9 so as to to get better performance, backup iPad files to computer so as to save more space on iPad!

Tip 1. Erase Junk Files from iPad

It is well-known to all that too many junk files stored in your iPad will absolutely slow your device. Cleaning these unnecessary files at regular times is of great significance. However, sometimes the deleted files still exist in your iPad even if you delete them. Under such circumstance, to find a professional cleaner is quite essential. Here, you can rely on Vibosoft FoneClean for iOS(Mac) to help clear junk files like app cookies, icons and already deleted files such as call history, voice memos without being restored. Then you can truly free up more space on your iPad and it comes naturally that your iPad will enjoy better performance. Now, you can click the below button to have a try by yourself! This software will offer you an easy-to-understand interface for your reference!



Note: Apart from the recommended software above, you can also have a try of the Vibosoft iPhone Data Eraser to help thoroughly clear the unwanted files once and for all.

Tip 2. Update to the Latest iOS 9

Now, the newest iOS 9 is available to all iDevice users. Generally speaking, new operating system keeps being updated with more advanced functions. Therefore, updating to the newest iOS 9 can greatly boost the performance of your iPad. But, to ensure that you can truly reap the benefits of the latest iOS 9, you need to be fully aware of the things to do before updating to the latest iOS 9. For example, you need to backup all important files to computer in case of data loss.

As to the steps, it's quite simple. You just need to tap on "Settings", then touch the "General" to enter the "Software Update" screen. After that, tab the "Download and Install" option to update to iOS 9. Then just wait for the upgrading process to complete.

Bonus: If unfortunately you lose important files after updating to the latest iOS 9, please click here to know how to recover the lost files within simple clicks.

Tip 3. Backup Files from iPad to Computer/Mac

To get better performance of iPad even if you have been using it for several years, you need to delete some files when your iPad is packed with files. Under such circumstance, you are suggested to backup important files from your iPad to computer. When you are confronted with an ocean of files, a handy third-party software such as iPhone/iPad/iPod to Computer Transfer is exactly what you need. With this software, you can transfer any files from your iPad to computer without any restrictions. Then you are free to delete some files to save more space on your iPad. Now, you can click the below button to get the free trial version of this software and give it a try by yourself!



If you want to transfer files from iPad to Mac, you can rely on this iPad to Mac File Transfer software. With this software, you can easily transfer any files from iPad to Mac without any hassle. Then you are able to boost the performance of your iPad!

Write in the End:

After you have done the suggested things mentioned above, you can truly enjoy the better performance of your old iPad. This passage tells you how to clear junk files from iPad, backup iPad files to computer and update to the latest iOS 9 so as to speed up iPad devices! I hope this passage is useful to you!

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