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Best Tool to Easily and Effectively Speed up iPhone

Sept. 11, 2015 14:10 pm / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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iPhone is one of the most popular mobile phone in the mobile market, which stands out for its exquisite appearance and outstanding performance. iPhone users have been deeply dependent on their phones to make dialing calls and send messages when they are missing someone, to watch movies or listen to some music when they want to get rid of the boring times, and to take photos or make videos so as to memorize the special events. However, the longer you are using your mobile phone, the slower your mobile phone will run.

That's because there are so many junk files, caches and other unnecessary hidden in your iPhone, it is just impossible to clean up these hidden junk files without the help of Or you may store too many files in your mobile phone. In this passage, I will show you how to easily and quickly transfer files from your iPhone to computer and how to clear the junk files in your iPhone.

Part One: Transfer iPhone Files to Computer (Mac)

Too many files stored in your iPhone will disturb the normal operation of your mobile phone, then it is highly suggested to transfer iPhone files to computer at regular times. However, when you want to transfer iPhone contacts and message to Mac, it can not work without the help of a third-party software; when you want to export a large amount of files such as thousands of photos and dozens of videos from your iPhone to Mac, the speed will be as slow as snail-crawling. Can you endure that? In order to transfer all your files from iPhone to computer in a fast way, you are suggested to rely on Vibosoft iPhone to Mac File Transfer. With this software, you are free to transfer any files in your iPhone to Mac without any restrictions. In this way, you can transfer these important files to Mac as a backup in case of data loss. Also, after that, you can delete some insignificant files in your iPhone to boost your mobile device. Now you are free to follow the guide to transfer files from iPhone to Mac.

Part Two: Erase iPhone Junk Files & Unwated Apps

When browsing the internet, watching videos or listening to music, some caches and other junk files will be created in your iPhone, thus occupying the vital storage in your phone. More importantly, when you delete file, photos, messages, contacts from your iPhone, you don't actually erase the information permanently, you just delete the reference to it so the operating system can't find it. But these unwanted files still exist in your phone. With time passing by, more and more unwanted files will accumulate in your mobile phone. Then it is just natural your iPhone will run slower and slower. It is quite essential to permanently clean up those unnecessary files in your phone, so as to speed up your mobile device. To reach this goal, you had better use Vibosoft iPhone Data Cleaner(Mac) to thoroughly clear the unwanted files once and for all. As a result, more space will be saved in your iPhone and the speed of your mobile phone will naturally gets improved.

This software will quickly and fully display all the hidden files which you expect to have been deleted. Then you can permanently destroy the unwanted files in a safe way. The following part will tell you how to use iPhone Data Eraser. Now, you can have a try by yourself!



User Guide: How to Clear Files from iPhone

1Run the Program & Connect iPhone to Computer

First of all, you need to download and install this program on your computer. Then connect your iPhone to the computer with the USB cable. You will see the below interface.

2Select&Clean Files from iPhone As Wanted

Now, you can see the below interface. You can select the files as you wanted and click the "Start Scan" option to continue the process.

Later, you will see the below interface. Now, you can click the "Clean" option to clear unwanted files from iPhone.

Now, you can just wait for the erasing process to complete. Just a few clicks will clean up all unwanted files from your iPhone. After doing the things as mentioned above, you will find that your mobile phone has been improved. Now, why not try it by yourself?

Write in the End:

To speed up your iPhone is possible and feasible with the help of the two assistant tools mentioned above. After that, there won't be any need for you to worry about the snail-crawling speed of your mobile device. I hope this article might be helpful to you!

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