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How to Transfer Movies from iPad to PC (Mac/Windows 7/8)

Dec 06, 2013 10:25 pm / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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Why Do We Copy iPad Videos to Computer?

Since there are countless movies and videos on iTunes Store that can be browsed first before making purchases, and iPad can sync the existing iTunes contents on a Mac or PC, an increasing number of users enjoy buying movies or videos from iTunes. If you're such a movie or video lover, you might have once run into such a problem that you had no idea how to transfer movies and videos from your iPad to your computer when needed. For instance, you wanted to do so when you would love to share them with your friends or family, or someone who was a movie fan like you, when you had to create more available space for your iDevice for further use, and when you felt like making backups of them in case you would delete them by mistake or lose them owing to some systematic errors. Under such circumstances, it's of great account for you to remove your movies or videos to your computer. Otherwise you may need to search and download them one by one again, which's extremely time-consuming and inconvenient.

Unfortunately, Apple forbids users to import files synced with iTunes from iPad to their computers to preserve the copyrights of its products. However, on the contrary, it allows users to transfer files from computer or other sources to iPad. In other words, you are prohibited to remove your favorite movies and videos to your computer by reason that Apple's afraid that their products will be copied and used illegally once imported to computers. Note that if the videos on your iPad are shot with its built-in camera, they can be synced with iTunes, only those purchased from the iTunes Store cannot be. Although transferring between iDevices and the computer isn't as easy as that of Android devices, there're some tools helping users to achieve the removal.

Here the Vibosoft iPad to Computer Transfer( for Windows users) or iPad to Mac Transfer( for Mac users) is the most useful and effective software that can provide you with the best solution to the annoying problem. It works wonders for transferring your movies or videos from your iPad to the computer easily and quickly without bringing any damage to the original quality and without causing any trouble with different formats. Additionally, it offers concrete directions without needing you to have any specialized knowledge. So next time when you come across those situations, you should turn to it for help right away, as it'll definitely give you a clue how to cope with your problem.

iPhone/iPad/iPod to Computer Transfer

This software helps you transfer all files (photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, calendar, voice memos, books, etc.) from iOS devices to the computer with zero quality loss.

For Windows Users: Run the Program on Windows 7/8/XP

As a independent application, this program can be operated on your PC directly without the help of iTunes. After downloading, double click and follow the instructions to install and run it on your computer.

Connect your iPad with PC via a USB, then this program will scan your iPad automatically. You can see the whole files on your iPad are displayed in details. If you want to transfer movies to PC, just enter "Movies" on the left panel. After that, select all or some of the movies and press "Export" on the top menu, a few minutes later, you will get the needed movies on you computer.

windows screenshot

For Mac Users: Run the Program on Mac OS X

Honestly speaking, the development of this program is exactly a good news for Apple fans. You needn't feel frustrated for backup fails of your iPad files, what's more, this software releases a Mac version, which is totally suitable to your Mac OS X 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6, etc.

In addition, this program is very easy to handle. Firstly, launch it on your PC, then connect iPad to computer. Wait for a while, your iPad data will be organized as different categories, like Music, Movies, Photos, Playlists, Videos, Camera Roll, etc. Click the second one, you will enter your movie files, pick some of them and touch "Export", movies will be transferred to your PC in a minute.

select the photos

It's very easy, right? You can finish transferring within several clicks. By the way, you should set a right output path, or you will copy your files to somewhere you don't know.

Write in the End:

iPad has been playing an exceedingly significant role in a whole host of people's daily lives, and is widely used all over the world. As one of Apple's powerful iDevices, it provides enormous convenience to users when they surf the Internet on a big touch screen, supports a variety of e-mail attachment formats, possesses a high-resolution screen and a built-in speaker that perfectly presents different kinds of sounds, offers iTunes Store with plenty of music, TV series, video clips, and App Store with thousands of apps ranging from games to business ones. Besides, iPad contains two brand new programs, iBooks for free reading on App Store and iWork for excellent office use.

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