Vibosoft FoneErase for Android

Erase Data on Android Phones and Tablets Permanently
As a 100% risk-free and absolutely clean program, you can operate it to erase all data on your Android phone or tablet before you decide to ditch it, replace it with a new device, give it to your family or donate it. It can also protect your private data so that your personal information will stay safe.

- Erase text messages, call logs, contacts, photos, videos, apps, system settings, books and tasks and so on.
- Wipe junk files, Internet histories, unnecessary apps, cache and cookies and corrupted files on your Android smart phone or tablet.
- Support all Android devices including Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorola, LG, Nexus, HUAWEI, ZTE, etc. and various Android tablets.

Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

Version 2.2.3 $69.95$35.95
  • This is a brand new desktop program that allows every Android user to wipe their Android smart phones before updating it to a new phone. It will ensure that the private data and personal information is erased for good and never can be recovered. Besides, Android tablets are compatible with this FoneErase software as well.

  • "I have been using the program for some time, it's a very powerful automation software and even an SMS transmitter, friendly user-interface allows you to easily and precisely manage all the files." -- By Corey

  • "I'm totally satisfied that it does a great job for extracting text messages from my Samsung s4. Earlier, I have some important messages need to be printed, this app did! I would recommend it!" -- By Horace

Erase Android Devices Permanently

Remove contacts, SMS and call logs and junk files from your Android phone
* With the FoneErase for Android tool, it is easy to permanently remove the contacts, text messages, call logs and junk files you don't want with ease. It is easy to do and without any hassle.
Erase media files (music, videos and photos) and uninstall apps
* You are able to erase the media files including the songs, videos and pictures you downloaded on your Android phone and the photos you've taken efficiently. Meanwhile you can uninstall the apps unwanted and clear the cache and cookies completely.

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Protect Personal Infomation and Clean Private Data

Protect personal info
* Every time your login to some website and remember the password, you will leave a trace that shows your personal information, to keep your information safe, you can use this software to wipe the data completely that contains your personal info.
Clean private data
* The messages, apps, photos and videos contain so many private data of yours. So before you abandon it, you clean them up in order to prevent your private data from leaking. With the protection of FoneErase, the data on your Android phone or tablet can be deleted and erased for good.

export sms

Clean and Wipe Already Deleted Files

send messages

Permanently wipe out the "Already Deleted" files
* It is understandable that you may think once you deleted the files on your Android phone, the files will be gone forever. But the truth is they still remain on your device somewhere as fragments or other forms you are not aware of. This FoneErase for Android software is here to help you clean and eliminate the "Already Deleted" files from your Android device permanently so that no other software can bring them back. At some degree, it will protect your private data and personal information as well.

Supported Files and Devices

Supported files:
* FoneErase for Android can erase all data on your Android devices such as text messages, call logs, contacts, photos, videos, apps, system settings, books, tasks, junk files, Internet histories, unnecessary APK files, cache and cookies and corrupted files, etc.
Different Android devices
* FoneErase for Android supports devices including Android smart phones and tablets - Samsung Galaxy series phones/Tabs, Sony Xperia series phones, Motorola X Pro/X, LG G3/G2, HTC One series phones, Google Nexus series phones and tablets, HUAWEI and ZTE, etc.

backup files


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