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How to Clear Caches on iPhone 5/4 ?

Apr. 21,2015 14:27 pm / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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One of the worst experiences when you have an iPhone is to see the storage space gradually decreases as you continuously use it. With time passing by, your iPhone will be sluggish. Indeed, you are likely to notice that the more you use some the applications on your iPhone or some browsers such as Safari and Google Chrome, the more space is taken in your device. That's because these applications store some data in them. The data include passwords, history of visited pages, history of saved pages, and user names of your subscribed accounts, video and picture contents and these all contribute to cached data. Long-term use of these applications without clearing the cache is the root cause of your worst experience. 

If you do not clear the caches on your iPhone, it will become slower and slower. The problem is how to clear the cached data. Now we will describe some simple ways that will greatly help you clear caches on iPhone 5/4.

1) Close idle apps - always close apps that are not in use in the moment. This is done by simply pressing home and slipping the icons of the apps. This will save memory of your iPhone. 
2) Uninstall and reinstall apps - you can uninstall and then reinstall apps. To uninstall an app on your iPhone, tap on the desired app for some second until it trembles and then press the delete icon that appears on the top and confirm to delete.
3) Consider restarting your iPhone - by restarting your iPhone, the iOS helps to automatically clear some data and cookies for you.
4) Clear up individual app caches - some of the applications in the iPhone such as the Whatsapp and Facebook have their own function for clearing cache. You can simply clear them by going to setting of each app and choose the option "Clear Cache".

In addition to those methods above, we'd like to present a much more professional way for you. That is the Vibosoft iPhone Cache Cleaner(Mac) software. With it, you can clear iPhone 5/4 caches more quickly. The steps on how to clear caches on iPhone 5/4 are as follows.

Guide to Clear Caches from iPhone 6 Plus/6/5S/5/4 with iPhone Cache Cleaner

First of all, you should download the program on your computer. You can choose the one that matches your PC.



1Connect iPhone to Computer and Run the Program

After the installation of the program, connect your iPhone to the computer and then run the software. Then you will see an interface below.

2Scan Caches on iPhone

Now, tick the file folder as you wanted and click the "Start Scan" option to continue.

3 Clean up Caches from iPhone

After choosing the files you want to clean from iPhone, you can click the "Clean" option to begin.

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