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How to Speed Up iPod Touch Effectively ?

Apr. 14, 2015 11:38 am / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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Cleaning iPod is a daily task for an iOS user in case of the trash on device, and this is mainly because too much trash affects the running speed of one's iPod. So to speed up iPod is of quite importance as it makes the iPod efficient and process data faster. Today we'll show you two different ways to clear iPod memory to speed up iPod. The first one is to speed up iPod manually; the other is to use a third-party tool. Let's begin.

How to speed up iPod manually?

iPod cleaning is a straight forward process, it is important for one to leave at least 500MB-1GB free, this free space is enough for apps to store data and one doesn’t have to worry about crashes, this free space also helps in speeding up iPod data processing ability as the device is free from hanging. Here are the steps that can help you speed up iPod.

-Uninstall unnecessary apps: Too many apps in iPod make its processing speed low. Thus, it is important for you to uninstall unnecessary apps which will help increase processor speed.

-Overhaul the setting on iPod; a battery struggles also makes an iPod slow as one takes less time operating the iPod and much is taken when charging the iPod. Easiest fixes are now available in the setting menu. Disabling the following setting can improve the battery life of the iPod.

-Turning off Bluetooth while not in use. Bluetooth normally consumes more power. It is thus important for one to make sure it is off.

-Display light makes it less blight as possible; blight light consumes more power so that one should make it less blight to save power. 

-Regular scanning to eliminate virus; one should install a high quality anti-virus app on his iPod and do regular scanning on the device to prevent virus attack because virus makes iPod slow and to some extent may cause crashing.

How to speed up iPod with iPod cleaner program?

Using Vibosoft iPod Data Cleaner(Mac) is another way to wipe out contacts, text messages, videos, apps, call history, accounts info, passwords, etc. to speed up iPod. In the meantime, you needn't worry about leaking out any detail of your erased data with this professional software.

The following part is the specific instruction of how to perform this program.

Guidance to Clear iPod Memory with iPod Data Cleaner

1Install and Run the Program

First of all, download and install this program on your computer. Connect the iPod to the computer with USB cable and launch the software.



2Choose&Clean Unwanted Files from iPod

On the interface, you can click the "Quick Clean" option to continue the process.

Now, you can choose the file folders you want to clean from iPod and then click the "Start Scan" option to clean files from iPod as wanted.

Later, you will see the below interface. Now, you can click the "Clean" option to clear unwanted files from iPod. After all junk files are removed from your device, your iPod will naturally be boosted.

Write in the End:

After you use this Vibosoft iPod Data Cleaner(Mac) software, you've solved the problem of how to speed up iPod. But what you have to know is that all erased data won't be recovered by any tool. So you'd better think twice before you take any action. However, if you have backed up the data on iPod with the Vibosoft iPod to Computer Transfer software, you won't have to worry about that.

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