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E-readers makes our reading more interesting and convenient, but when it comes to ebooks, there are many people confused by the ebooks formats, these topics will focus on the tips and tricks about the ebooks formats conversion and make it easy to read interesting eBooks with enhanced experience.

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  • The Simplest Way to Convert MS Word Files to ePub on Mac/Win

    It is troublesome when the eBook format is can't supported by your eReaders, right? Don't worry, read this article to learn how to save Word Docx or Doc files to ePub on Mac and Windows system.
  • Learn to Remove the Password Protection from PDF Files

    A main reason for the popularity of PDF files are the privacy features, such as password protection and the fact that it cannot be easily edited, if you forgot your PDF password, learn this article…
  • The Best ePub Editor - How to Edit ePub Books

    This page will introduce you the best ePub Editor. With it, you will be able to freely edit your ePub files as you want. Read this article, you will see that this program is very powerful and you can't miss it.
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    Easily Edit ePub Table of Contents with ePub Editor Master
    As the best ePub editing program, it gives you plenty of options to modify your ePub text and info. Read this page, you will know how to edit table of contents with this ePub Editor Master.
    How to Make Your Own ePub Books
    Want to create a new ePub book by yourself? Read this page, it will introduce you the ePub Editor Master. With this ePub editing tool, you are able to freely add files, images, hyperlinks to your own ePub book.
    How to Edit ePub Metadata with ePub Editor
    This page will introduce you the best ePub Metadata Editor. With it, you can not only freely modify ePub metadata, but also add content to your ePub book as you like.
    Best Tool to Help Edit Author's Name in ePub Book
    With this program, you are able to edit the ePub metadata at will. No matter you want to change the writer's name or modify the title of ePub, this ePub Editor Master will help achieve your goal within clicks.
    How to Modify ePub Title with ePub Title Editor
    After reading an ePub book, you may want to rename it by yourself. With this ePub Title Editor, you will be able to freely change the title of ePub book.
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