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How to Convert ePub Files to PDF on Mac/Windows

Nov 18, 2012 18:27 pm / Posted by Amy to eBooks Topics
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Along with the fast growth of electronic publications, it will definitely be a main tendency in the network time; it forced a new idea of "Portable Reading" and contributes to a lot of competitive electronic devices, such as iPad, Kindle. Different device has their main format; the ebooks can not be universal. This also created two open-source contestants for e-book market: PDF and ePub, and The purpose of this article is to analyses the difference between this two of the most common formats and offer the effective method to convert ePub to PDF format for iPad or Kindle.

Little Knowledge: The Difference Between ePub and PDF

About ePub Format:

EPUB is similar to a Web page in some respects due to it is based on the core of the HTML/XHTML tag, it was described by many experts as the most mainstream format for e-books, and is widely open and freely available supported to across many e-reader platforms, including Apple, iBooks, Aldiko, Adobe Digital Editions, Android but except Amazon Kindle, In an EPUB archive, it contains most of elements like images, tables, works, fonts, it can feature reflowable text so that the text in ePub will eflow appropriately on a device screen no matter its size. But you cannot edit your ePub files to add a cover, modify font, title, author and more…

About PDF Format:

PDF format is short for Portable Document Format and primarily used for business document, it is also a most popular e-book format since supported by a large number of apps exist in various reading devices, it is an open-specification format developed by Adobe Company that allows PDF documents to be easily shared and transmitted with retaining original format. PDF files make you to completely control pages be rendered and how text, graphics, and images are rendered on the page and it has a static layout with page-oriented, one of the differences is that EPUB is display-oriented and allows content to be dynamic.

How Can I Convert ePub Files to PDF without Losing Original Content?

The major problem that most people experience is reading ePub files on various mobile reading devices, most of us typically need to adjust the content for a variety of reasons, but when you zoom the content, it will lose the original quality, and in some devices, ePub books cannot supported perfectly like Kindle and cannot get the best reading experience. However, layout is critical to the readability, and PDF can be able to retain all of the original layouts even the size was adjusted; it will get the best reading experience in all devices once using PDF ebook. Vibosoft released the practical program: Vibosoft PDF Creator Master for Windows (PDF Creator Master for Mac), which can easily convert your ePub ebooks to PDF without losing any elements and quality. It can retain the original layout, hyperlinks, images, tables, page flow, margins, and type size after conversion.

PDF Creator Master

Want to create your own PDF files? You can't miss PDF Creator Master program, which offers an easy and less expensive way of creating high-quality PDF documents.

This will makes PDF documents much more usable in a mobile setting. Now let's learn the detailed demonstrate below

1Install the Program and Import ePub Files

First free download it and install; the wizard will guide you through the whole installation process. Once you have installed, the main panel will appear with an intuitive Getting Started introduction. Two options are available to import files or folder at a time. One is "Add Files" or directly drags and drop files to program. It support batch conversion that can convert more than 130+ ePub files to PDF at a time, and conversion speed is also impressed.

Load files to the program

2Select PDF as Output Format and Set Page Parameters (Optional)

Once the ePub files were imported to the program, the file will be listed with details like: file name, size, pages, and conversion status. You are allowed to specify the page you want to convert: All, Current or Range. If you choose Range, you need to enter pages numbers and page ranges separated by commas.

Set your PDF

Output Setting:

You can export target files by default location or hit "Browse" button to customize a desired destination to save your output files. You can also set the Owner Password or User Password to protect your PDF document.

3Start Converting ePub Files to PDF Format

When everything is set up, press the "Start" button to start conversion. During the conversion, a status bar will show you conversion processed. If it appears 100%, it means the files have been converted successfully, and you can click Open button to get the converted PDF, make sure you've installed PDF reader on your computer, and then check the converted PDF files in your PDF reader.

After testing and improving many times, Vibosoft ePub to PDF Converter (PDF Creator Master Mac) program has the strong ability to make the converted PDF file exactly match the original page without losing any of elements. So, with this program it is possible for everyone to make a "beautiful" and highly readable PDF books from ePub, and given that an essential characteristic of ebooks is compatibility and accessibility, regardless of reading equipments. In addition to these, it is particularly worth mentioning here that after you converting ePub ebooks to PDF on Mac or windows platform, you can read these ePub books on your Kindle with great experience.

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