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How to Make Your Own ePub Books with ePub Editor

Mar 07, 2014 13:43 pm / Posted by Amy to eBooks Topics
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Since Apple released iBooks and iPad in 2010, the acceptable level of ePub has been improved dramatically. In addition to the popularity of e-readers, ePub books have been welcomed with higher-profile. Undoubtedly, ePub has become the representative of e-book formats. Compared with other formats, ePub is a free, open standard, which means the content of ePub books is adjustable according to your e-reader. And you can also change fonts and page layouts to adapt to your own reading habits. Apart from this, you are able to preview images and complete information of your ePub book. That is to say, if you create a new ePub book by yourself, you can add your name to ePub as the author.

Why Choose this ePub Editor Master?

Have you ever made your own ePub books? As ePub can be compatible with various different devices, ePub books have provided users with wonderful reading experience. Then many users are desirous to create ePub books on their own. While we are forbidden to directly edit ePub files on our e-readers, here I'd like to recommend you this Vibosoft ePub Editor Master. This program can be used not only to edit your ePub files but to make entirely new ePub books depending on your needs. No matter you want to insert images, HTML files or hyperlinks, this program is able to give you full satisfaction. One thing to notice is that ePub file is based on HTML pages, so it can directly put webpages into ePub resources, you can also say that ePub has the immense web-based resources. On this score, no any format is close. Thus you are able to add as many as contents to your ePub book as you like.

As a great ePub editing tool, this program has a clear interface, so that you can modify the fonts and paragraph styles easily. If you are going to create new ePub books, you can freely add info to the metadata, such as title, author, language and more properties. In order to get your ePub files more organized, you can make a table of contents by yourself. After finishing adding files and modifying ePub contents, you can make a cover for your ePub. After that, you will get your own ePub book successfully. Now I suggest you to download a free trial version and follow the next guide to try this ePub Editor Master on computer.

ePub Editor Master

Want to make your own ePub books, modify metadata and table of contents or insert new images to the ePub file? You can't miss ePub Editor Master program.

Tutorial: How to Make ePub Books on Your Own

1Install and Launch the Program

Firstly, download and install this ePub Editor Master on your computer, then double click to open it. Touch the "New" icon in the top left corner to create a new book. Now you are able to add content to this blank ePub book. And you can see that there are several options on the menu available for you to set fonts and paragraph styles.

main menu

2Add Files to ePub Book

If you need to add other files to your ePub book, you should press "Insert" first. Then you can choose "Blank HTML File", "Add Existing File", "Image" or "Hyperlink" to add files according to you need.

insert files

3Edit Metadata and Catalogue

In this step, you can designate your ePub book and add your name to it. In addition, you are allowed to add more properties according to the content. To achieve it, you should touch the "Info" option on the main interface, then you will get a menu as following.

modify metadata

Click "TOC" to edit table of contents. You can select files to add to the catalogue and set levels to them by yourself. Moreover, you are able to modify titles or arrange them with chapter numbers. And you can delete the whole table with one click as well.

table of contents

At last, touch "Cover" on the main menu to make a cover for your ePub book by choosing images from your files or adding pictures from local resource.

Write in the End:

As ePub has become a universal format and ePub books have enjoyed great popularity among readers, this Vibosoft ePub Editor Master could be much helpful. Here are some common ePub readers, you can install one according to your device.

Stanza: iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac
iBooks: iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad
Aldiko: Android
Calibre: PC, Mac, Linux
FBReader: PC, Linux
Lovelyreader: PC, Mac, Linux

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