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Remove PDF Password Protection on Mac/Windows 7/8

Nov 18, 2012 18:27 pm / Posted by Amy to eBooks Topics
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Adobe's PDF is an electronic file Format short for Portable Document Format, it was widely used for business and e-book format and can completely compatible with any operating systems like: Windows, UNIX and Mac OS and also be viewed in various mobile phone and e-readers. It supports fixed width layout and reflowable content and can be automatically optimized in a smaller size without losing the quality. This powerful performance makes it an ideal information transmission format for electronic document on the Internet,

Little Knowledge: Owner Password and User Password

Adobe PDF file offers various useful and convenient features for users especially in the aspect of security, its permission feature can be able to effectively restrict other people from altering your work document and share your work by email or network without worrying about stealing or modification. There are two methods available for you to protect your PDF document, one way is digital signature that allows you to declare the authority of your PDF files, and another method is use permission password to set the authority of PDF file. Most of people were confused with the PDF permission issue; in fact PDF has two group passwords: one is Owner password and another is User password. Let's first learn what thing really they are, then choose a suitable approach to remove PDF protection.

Owner Password:

The content in PDF will also not be visible if it is set by Own Password, If you can access the PDF file but still unable to edit, modify, copy and print out signature due to the restrictions imposed by the "owner" password protection, When we enter user password, general PDF processing software will first judge whether it is Own Password permission or not, if it is, then it will open all operating permissions to users and user can use this PDF file without any limitation.

User Password:

It is used to control access and does limit to open PDF file, namely it is used to prevent PDF file from opening and accessing, it means you also cannot read the content and make some changes; it is also called the document open password.

How can I Remove Password Protection from PDF File (Mac/Windows)

As we know that PDF files can be securely protected to against editing, viewing and printing, the problem is when you created a PDF file and protected it with a USER and an OWNER password but eventually you forgotten the passwords. So, the main purpose of the article is to help you legitimately remove password of your PDF file as long as you have the legality to bypass the restrictions, Vibosoft PDF Password Remover for Windows, PDF Password Remover for Mac tool is a professional tool especially designed for those who forgot their password, it has the ability to fast read the data blocks and scan the cryptosystem of PDF document, then adopt one-way hash algorithms to remove password protection from PDF files. The intuitive interface design will make it extreme easy to use and save your work.

PDF Password Remover

Forget the owner or user password of your PDF files? PDF Password Remover program will help you remove all passwords with ease.

1Run the Program and Import PDF Files

Assume that you have installed the program on your computer, and then launch the program; you will see an intuitive and clean user interface. Click the "Add Files" button to import your PDF files or a folder that contained lots of PDFs. You're also allowed to drag PDF files to the panel directly. The batch encryption feature will enable you to add hundreds PDF files at a time.

add files into the program

2Enter the User Password

Once all the PDF files imported, the program will automatically detect whether the files were restricted by User Password or Owner Password, If protected by user password, it will show an icon on the left list. Then click the icon to enter the real password, a dialog box will pop up and ask you to enter a new password.

enter the password

3Set the Output Location and Start to Remove

You can select an output folder by clicking the "Browse" button to save the removed PDFs, or keep it default. When everything is set up. Click the "Start" button to ready to remove. You can also click to decrypt a certain PDF file or more as you need.

After the protection removed, you will have sufficient permission to access, view, edit and print your PDF on any platform. During the whole decryption process, it will not sacrifice quality of your PDF document after removing PDF password on Mac OS or Windows 7/8; instead, it will completely preserve the original layout of PDF without any loss or gibberish. Vibosoft PDF Password Remover for windows user, (Mac Version) program makes the protected files removed in a safe and lossless way.

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