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How to Convert Text to ePub Format on Windows/Mac?

Jan 02, 2014 15:43 pm / Posted by Amy to eBooks Topics
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"If I could love a man who would love me enough to take me for a mere 50 pounds a year." - Pride and Prejudice

"There is no good and evil, there is only power and those too weak to seek it." - Harry Potter

There do really have a lot of magic within novels, which make the world full of fantasy, and enrich everyone's life, for example, cute children can find their magic world where full of fairies and elves in the book Harry Potter which was written by J.K. Rowling; single girls can find the romantic love which they have hungered for very deeply from the book Romeo and Juliet. There are some other readers, such as the bookworms dote on science fiction like Spider Man, or mystery novel such as Sherlock Holmes, etc. There is no doubt that books are the spiritual food of humankind.

Why We Need Convert Text eBook Format to ePub

Today the digital age has come just like the old science fictions had described before. According to the high-speed lifestyle in modern time, people are likely to read ebooks rather than buy books or borrow them from a library, so ebook reading has become more and more popular among people. We begin to download or buy many ebooks, and then store them on our mobile device. But do all the things run in a convenient environment? Is everything just perfect? The answer is surely "No".

First of all, it's all known that there are many different formats of ebooks, such as PDF format, Text format, HTML format, Word format, MOBI format, etc. What a pity it is that most of our intelligent mobile devices are not able to install built-in software tools to support all ebooks with various formats. So we have to download the specific software to support our reading, such as the PDF format of book need us install adobe reader. But what about ebooks in other formats? Yeah, we should also download the specific softwares for better reading. However, this could be the second problem that every mobile device has limited RAM and ROM. After we've installed some reading assistant softwares, this would be a big cost for your mobile device. And the cost may not appear immediately, as time goes on, you will keep more programs, and this would really eat up your mobile device; what's more, with more application icons listed on the screen, it can also be a problem to manage them. But all this disadvantage can get properly handled since a multifunction software has been developed whose name is Vibosoft ePub Converter ( ePub Converter Mac).

ePub Converter

ePub Converter program helps convert up to 5 different files to ePub, including Word (docx, doc), MOBI (.mobi, .prc), HTML, Text (.txt), PDF, etc. It will preserve original elements in the output file with zero quality loss.

Vibosoft ePub Converter is a software whose main function is to convert all the other ebook format like PDF, TXT, to ePub format, but what's ePub? ePub is a very famous ebook reading tools, it's also a famous free open standard, it has been widely used in different platforms, like powerful Microsoft, remarkable Apple, etc.

Exact Steps: How can I Convert Text to ePub( Mac/Windows)

As you can see, this program has two versions: Windows & Mac version, you can download one according to your computer system, and then operate them according to the following guide.

For Windows Users: Run Program on Windows 7,8 XP

Open this program on PC, you can get a main interface. Then press "Text to ePub", you can click "Add File" or "Add Folder" to add source files to this program as you need. Then you should choose a output location or just store them in source folder. At last, touch the "Start" button, you will finish converting Text files to ePub soon.

For Mac Users: Run the Program on Your Mac OS X

This program is able to be compatible with Mac OS X 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 10.6, etc. After installing it on your Mac, you can open it and have a try. As you can see, this program can also help you convert files to ePub from HTML, PDF, or MOMI format. And you can add more files as you want, then convert all files at one time. By the way, if you don't want to store your new file in the source folder, you can press "Browse" to select a output folder by yourself.

Write in the End:

Since it has been developed, the convenient management and clear user interface of this program have gained great praises from multiple customers. With it, there is no need to download all the ebook format readers, or worry about that too many software may occupy the ROM and RAM of your mobile device, and you can manage your apps without any trouble. All you need is this program, what a convenience it is! By the way, ePub also has a digital bookmark to record your reading progress.

Who has made a naughty rascal become a serious bookworm? Who accompanies you through one after another lonely nights? Who enriches your life and builds a magic world that belongs to you? The answer is ebook. But what makes it come true and so convenient on our mobile phone? It's Vibosoft ePub converter. Now, just enjoy all the conveniences that Vibosoft ePub Converter ( ePub Converter Mac) brings!

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