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Accurately & Batch Create ePub Digital Books in Popular Formats
With the eReaders like the Kindle, iPad, Nook and smartphones becoming more and more popular, that comes a ePub format, it's also quickly becoming a standard in the field of digital books, But for the moment, different manufacturers has their own main supported ebook formatted, and they create incompatibilities between various devices. Moreover, for publishers, If you're struggling to build high-quality EPUB books, it's imperative for you to create a flawless ePUB files of your book, Vibosoft Mac ePub Creator app is available and provide strong performance levels, let's dig into it.

- Batch conversion capability: load over 300+ files at a time without crash.
- Accurately build ePub from: PDF, Prc, MOBI, HTML, Word, Text and more.
- Totally preserve all original layouts after conversion like: graphics, fonts, size.
- The generated ePub ebooks can be read on a wide variety of screen sizes.

Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.10 Go to ePub Converter Windows >>>

Version: 2.1.16 $59.95$39.95
  • When an e-book is presented in an accessible format on an inaccessible e-book reader, you need to fix incompatible format issue immediately, Vibosoft ePub Creating app is capable of performing underlying transcoder among all eBook formats, a fast mode decision algorithm was built for text&image transcoding, all of original layouts will be retained in the generated ePub file, enjoy reading on various readers without format hindrance.

  • "I've recently moved to using this program for creating a handful of MOBI e-books and can say I'm pretty happy with the end results. The books contain images, tables and hyperlinks (internal and external)." -- By Jellby

  • "My recent fixed layout PDF book of fine art photography has a lot of very sophisticated page designs, this app really did an excellent job, the process was surprisingly easy and save my time." -- By David Smith

Batch Conversion Capability: Load over 300+ Files without Crash

There are a variety of computer applications available to help create and edit eBooks, but most of them could not afford big quantity runs, this causes you to waste a lot of time.
Bulk Load Operations, No Crash and Save Your Time
* Bulk loading is usually a one-off task, in the latest update, the program has been solved the crash issue when loading 250 files at a time, Now, this program can be able to provide for improved runtime performance of bulk inserts. You can load over 300 files at a time without crash. It is easy to use and generally stable. And it won't destroy the original layouts.
Import Files in the Easiest and Fastest Way
* The operation of the human interface allows you to easily operate and use, it provides three flexible ways to import a mass of files to the program, you can directly drag and drop files or folders into the program at a time, No need to add files one by one.


Accurately Establish ePub Files from 5 Mainstream eBook Formats

Accurately Establish ePub Files from 4 Mainstream Formats
* It can accurately generate ePub from: MOBI, PDF, Text, HTML, etc. e-book reading is littered with hundreds of combinations of file formats and devices, different devices has difference supported ebooks formats, this resulted in several mainstream ebook formats: such as: MOBI, PDF, Text, ePub, HTML, and Word, these competing formats and devices include varying levels of accessibility and different methods of read, so, Vibosoft ePub maker program can be a perfect solution to the format incompatible issue.
Without Lifting a Finger, Change Amazon Book to Popular ePub
* In contrast to Amazon Kindle's proprietary format, ePub format would be more popular or is the most needed and supped by most devices, but most of current devices like iPad or some android phone are not quite sufficient to support Amazon MOBI format, this could cause headaches for those who need to read Amazon books on iOS devices, but now, this program gives you full ability to turn Amazon books to popular ePub format with easy.


Totally Preserve All Original Layouts in Generated ePub File


Absolutely Reserved the Original Layouts, No Debasement of Quality
* As we all know that the crucial rules of typography control the experience that users have when reading articles on the different devices, It was essential that this program very focus the "Layout Quality" after conversion, so, after many regular updates, this program has been done an excellent job of building the layout structure, it can absolutely preserve all layouts, hyperlinks, graphics, fonts, size and more.
Two Conversion Modes are Available to Meet Different Requirements
* When you need to perform a conversion from PDF file into ePub, this program provides two conversion modes for your choice, you can export your PDF to "Text" or "Image", both of them can be read on such a wide variety of screen sizes, the overall reading experience is really excellent, truly wonderful read.

Generated ePub Can be Read on a Wide Variety of Screen Sizes

After many updates, one of the highlights of the program is that it now can be able to completely retain the all of the original layouts in the generated ePub files; this means it can be read on wide variety of screen sizes.
Created ePub Books Can be Read on All Devices Smoothly
* We believe that reading deserves a dedicated device, and also need a professional ebook creating software, the ePub books generated by this program can be smoothly read on all device: like: Amazon Kindle, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Nook, smartphone and more.
It's Extremely Simple to Use
* The best part is that program is easy to use, the operation is simple, understandable; do not need specialized operation technical personnel can also create ePub books on your Mac OS X.



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