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How to Edit an ePub File on Computer (PC/Mac)?

Jan 09, 2014 16:53 pm / Posted by Amy to eBooks Topics
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With the development of electronic technology, more and more intelligent mobile devices steadily emerge in the digital world. And as the innovation of the software applications, more and more artistic and practical softwares have been developed to serve the public. Among these softwares, some are used for enhancing the experience of reading e-book. As you know, reading e-book on the mobile devices has been a tendency, most of its participants are teenager students at school. Meanwhile, lots of them use an ePub Reading software to read e-books on their mobile device. As the advantages of ePub are countless, it has been the most ubiquitous e-book format, If you are unsatisfied with the ePub file, you can all add some elements to ePub file, you must learn how to edit an ePub file on computer.

As it is known to all, txt is the most common format. But it’s too simple, no picture, no music, no color, no paging. It’s really plain so that we can’t feel we are reading books, and it’s not easy to manage our reading progress. Then the birth of ePub has its necessity. It inherits all the advantages of PDF, and makes our book visualization even more interoperable. What's more, it can support many forms of e-books. However, having inherited the whole advantages of PDF, it also has the weakness of PDF, for it’s also not easy to be edited. But all the problems have been solved as the new software comes out whose name is Vibosoft ePub Editor Master , which allows you to flexibly design, edit your ePub file.

Why We Choose this ePub Editor?

This Vibosoft ePub Editor Master is an excellent program to edit ePub books. It makes our ePub Reader more perfect. Here are some advantages of it. First of all, it’s absolutely free and it’s an open source software. Secondly, you can run it on different platforms, like Windows and Mac, you just need to download the corresponding versions. What’s more, when editing, you can choose the preview version, and it also able to help translate your text to other languages, so that reading books which are written by other language no longer be a problem.

ePub Editor Master

Want to make your own ePub books, modify metadata and table of contents or insert new images to the ePub file? You can't miss ePub Editor Master program.

Tutorial: How to Edit ePub Files on Windows Computer

1Open the Program on PC and Import ePub Book

Install and launch the program on computer according to instructions. Then click "Open" to import your ePub book to this ePub Editor Master.

main menu

2Freely Edit ePub as You Like

According to above picture, you can choose different fonts, format paragraph as different levels or set various styles for paragraphs at will. In addition, you are able to add blank or existing HTML files, images and hyperlinks to the text.

insert files

3Modify Metadata and Table of Contents

Click "Info", you will see that some details of your ePub are shown on the menu, like Title, Author, Language, Type, etc. Then you can modify them as needed.

modify metadata

Moreover, touch the "TOC" option to edit table of contents as follows.

table of contents

What's more, press the "Cover" icon, you can edit or create a new cover for your ePub book as you like.

Write in the End:

In fact, ePub is not the only popular standard, and there are many other universal e-book formats. For example, PDF is also a nice choice. And we often use Adobe Reader to access to PDF files. When talked to Adobe Reader, you shouldn't be strangeness with Adobe, it’s the world’s leading digital media and online marketing solutions provider, remember the famous drawing tool - Photoshop? Or the excellent film and television post-production tool - After Effects? They are both the products of Adobe, and we have to confess that they really amazing. It’s the same with Adobe Reader, which makes our e-books more visualization. But the only disadvantage is that not all the form of e-books are PDF and Adobe Reader can’t support other formats. In addition, It is not easy to edit PDF files, even when Adobe has developed a product named Adobe Acrobat whose aim is to manage them freely.

Now download the Vibosoft ePub Editor Master, you will be able to completely control your ePub files.

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