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How to Edit ePub Metadata on Computer( Windows/Mac)

Mar 11, 2014 09:31 am / Posted by Amy to eBooks Topics
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What's Metadata?

What do you think makes an ePub book different from others at first glance? Generally speaking, when you read an ePub book, the first thing that catches your eyes is the title, and then the author. Here both title and author are metadata properties of an ePub book. Then what is metadata? Simply put, metadata is "data about data", which is often used to identify, evaluate and track your resources for better management. As metadata provides you with some detailed information of data, such as creation data, description, language, publisher, etc, you will be able to find your needed file among numerous resources in a short time by classifying and searching for keywords. So it is of great importance to edit metadata of your ePub book carefully.

Are you fond of reading e-books? If so, you should have known that ePub is the most ubiquitous e-book format, and one of the main reasons why ePub books are widely welcomed by readers is that the content of an ePub book can be displayed with the most comfortable way for reading according to different e-readers. While, in common with many other e-books, ePub books are forbidden to be edited directly unless you open it in an ePub editor. Here I'd like to recommend you this Vibosoft ePub Metadata Editor. With it, you are able to not only edit metadata of your ePub files but also make a totally new ePub book by yourself.

In the first place, when you create a new ePub book, you need to designate it, add the author name, type and other metadata properties to it. Now with this ePub Metadata Editor, you can achieve these easily. Then you can insert HTML files, images, hyperlinks to your ePub book. As you know that almost the whole website resources are available for ePub books, which is unmatched by other e-books, so that the content of your ePub can be extremely rich. In addition, you are also allowed to edit table of contents with the help of this ePub Metadata Editor. After finishing editing your own ePub book, you can make a cover for it. How about this program? If you need to edit or create ePub book, it must be the best editing tool. Click here to download the free trial version.

ePub Editor Master

Want to make your own ePub books, modify metadata and table of contents or insert new images to the ePub file? You can't miss ePub Editor Master program.

Tutorial: How to Edit ePub Metadata on Windows Computer

1Open ePub Book in the Program

Launch the program on computer with double click, and then click "Open" to open your ePub book. Soon you will get an interface as shown. Now you can change the font or paragraph styles as you want.

main menu

2Modify ePub Metadata

Touch the "Info" option, you will get an edit box as following. In this step, you are able to modify title, author, language or other values at will. Press "Add Basic" or "Add Role", you can add more metadata properties as needed.

Write in the End:

In order to get your ePub book classified correctly, you should edit ePub metadata very carefully by using this Vibosoft ePub Metadata Editor. For example, when you touch "Add Basic", you will get a lot of metadata properties, including coverage (the extent or scope of the content of the publication's content), creation date, modification date, publication date, description, format (the media type or dimensions of the publication), etc. Then you can choose to add one or more properties, or remove them as you like. If you want to make your own ePub book, this program must be your best choice.

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