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How to Edit ePub Title on Computer (Windows/Mac)

Mar 18, 2014 09:35 am / Posted by Amy to eBooks Topics
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Do you like reading e-books? As a free and open e-book standard, ePub has become one of the most common e-book formats, and ePub files can be displayed with the best reading effects according to your ePub readers. Nowadays, ePub books are ubiquitous online for netizens to download and read. While, not all ePub books are well-made. After downloading an ePub book from the Internet, you may find some ads, errors or omissions while reading it. If the mistakes have risen to an intolerable level, you may need an editing tool to help modify ePub book at any time. In addition, with the popularity of ePub, many users are eager to make their own ePub books. So it will be wonderful if there is an ePub editor to help users not only edit ePub title but also create a new ePub book by themselves.

Here this Vibosoft ePub Title Editor is exactly what you want. After opening it on computer, you can import your ePub book to it, and then you are able to directly rename it, change the ePub author, edit the table of contents, add files, modify the fonts, etc. Meanwhile, if you want to make your own ePub book, you can freely insert HTML files, images or hyperlinks to it by running this program, and you are also allowed to modify the metadata or add a cover to ePub book as you like. To sum up, with this ePub Title Editor, you are enabled to create a totally new ePub book by yourself and edit any detail of your ePub files at will.

As a handy editing tool, this Vibosoft ePub Title Editor provides you with clear interface, simple but effective operations, and that is the main reason why this program has been a particular favorite of ePub users. Here is a free trial version for you, if you have never used this kind of ePub editor before, you can download it and follow the next guide to have a try on your computer.

ePub Editor Master

Want to make your own ePub books, modify metadata and table of contents or insert new images to the ePub file? You can't miss ePub Editor Master program.

Tutorial: How to Edit the Heading of ePub Book on Windows Computer

1Import ePub Book to the Program

After installing and launching the ePub editor on your computer, please touch the "Open" option to import your ePub book. Then you will get a menu as following. As you can see that there are lots of options available for you on the interface.

main menu

2Modify ePub Title as Needed

Press the "Info" button, you will get an editing window immediately. Now you are able to modify the ePub metadata as you want. Apart from title, author and language, you can add and edit more metadata properties to your ePub book, such as coverage, date, description, format, identifier, publisher, and so on. At last, click "OK" to save them completely.

modify metadata

Write in the End:

It is quite convenient to edit ePub title by using this Vibosoft ePub Title Editor, right? As there are plenty of editing tools on the market, this is the most convenient and effective one. Look at the main menu, if you want to modify the table of contents, you should touch the "TOC" option to preview it first. In addition, hit the "Cover" button, you are able to select a photo and set it as the cover of your ePub book. What's more, if you need to add images, you should enter the "Insert" area, and then click "Add images" to import pictures to your ePub files. That's indeed simple to operate it on computer, just give it a try.

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